I was a TSA Instructor in 2002

TSA Screens Passengers At Denver International Airport

TSA Gate Screener

Now let me explain my credentials.  I have spent the last 16 years teaching computer Security.  I worked for several companies that had the word “Security” as part of the company name.

In 2001 a few weeks after 9-11, I was laid off. I went on unemployment . A Year later, I still had no job and my unemployment checks were about to run out.  I saw small ad in a newspaper and applied. I got a call back immediately with in 2 hours. They set up an interview for the next day. I had a 45 minute phone interview and they hired me on the spot. They sent me a one way Ticket to Denver for two weeks of training.  I was to be, a On the Job (OTJ) instructor  for a new government organization, called the TSA. I was a temporary full time employee for a contractor who was a contractor for a contractor who was a contractor for Boeing Corporation who had the contract to train the TSA Baggage Screeners.  I would teach TSA staff who would examine all the baggage. At the time, a different organization had the contract for gate screeners.  You were either gate screen or baggage screener, not both).


TSA Bag Screening Machine

I was given One week of training. Both classroom and training in the Denver airport. Class was interesting, because we (the new OTJ instructors) were not allowed to write in our training books or take them back to the hotel) We were given sample test at several times by our instructor. These sample tests were actually the final instructor exam. At the end of the week we took the test and all passed.(We took the same test 3 times before in the week as sample tests). Then we went to the airport and I had to find a bag using the screening machines that had explosive residue placed on it.  I passed. So then I was sent home.

Where I would get paid to wait to see if I was going to be deployed.  I got full pay for doing nothing. On Friday Morning I would get a email and possibly a travel ticket to go to a city if I was being deployed.

I waited home for six weeks and nothing happened..and I got paid. And played with my new Blackberry and my T-mobile Smartphone. Both which were supposed to be only used for work.  I played a lot of Jazz Ball. The only game on the blackberry back then.

Oh my pay level was $60K. Plus $55 a day per diem when on the road.

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