I was a TSA Instructor Part 2: Vegas Baby


TSA Vegas Training

After 6 weeks of staying home and getting paid. I got an email that said, I was being sent to Las Vegas for more training.  Here’s a hint, if you want your students to actually learn something, never hold the training in Las Vegas. We were staying in a hotel outside of downtown Las Vegas about 20 miles away.  I guess they put us there, because there would be no distraction.  No distraction except for the huge Casino that was in the hotel. Plus the golf courses. We met our training leader for the first day and he said we would be trained on new scanning machines that were being installed in the Las Vegas Airport. Except they were not ready yet.  So We should meeting each morning at 8am and he would tell us if any training was going to go on that day.  We met every morning for 4 days. Everymorning he said not yet.  So basically we were having a free vacation in a Nevada Resort and were being paid $55 a day for our meals, whether we spending that or not. I lost money in the casino. That’s what I do. When I am in a Casino and I put money into a Soda machine, nothing comes out, never mind a Slot Machine.


original treasure island pirate battle

On the 5th day, we said we would have training tomorrow morning at 3am in the Las Vegas Airport.  The machines were working, but they were being used by actual screeners except for 3am to 6am.  Most of us drove to downtown Vegas and killed time until 3am. Saw the original Pirate Battle in front of Treasure Island (much better then the sexy version there now). Took the monorail. Lost money at a bunch of casinos. and Went to 3 different Las Vegas Buffets for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  At 3am. They took our ID pictures.  And we all looked horrible and drunk.  I was just tired, Many others were tired and drunk.  It was the worst ID picture I ever had. A few weeks later, we got our ID’s. These ID’s could be used to get into any airport in the country.  When I left the job, they never asked for it back. I found it a few years later underneath the seat in a car I was selling.  Whoops. newark-tsajpg-2a760db5403ae3ae Anyway, we went to the baggage screening machines and we got a 30 minute lecture and we each used the machine for 10 minutes and then we went back to the hotel.  2 days later, without any other training happening, we got sent home.  So I got 1 week in a Vegas resort. Got paid my weekly pay and got $55 per diem. I worked approximately 2 hours that week.  Government work is fine if you can get it.

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