The Rat in Boston

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 This was the place to play in Boston Music in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I played there in a New Wave/Punk Bank. Once
First an intro of the venue
The Rathskellar
“The Rat”
Location 528 Commonwealth AvenueKenmore SquareBoston,Massachusetts42°20′54.97″N 71°5′46″W
Type Music venue
Genre(s) Punk rockAlternative Rock,Hardcore PunkGarage RockRock and Roll
Opened 1974
Closed 1997
Demolished 2000
Owner Jimmy Harold

The Rathskeller (known as The Rat for short) was a legendary[1][2] live music venue in Boston, Massachusetts that was open from 1974 to 1997. A dimly-lit, gritty establishment, the Rathskeller was considered the “granddaddy” of Boston rock venues.[3][4]

During its heyday, the Rat hosted such acts as the CarsPixiesMetallica, the Dead KennedysThe RamonesTalking HeadsR.E.M. and The Police. From 1980 to 1987, The Hoodoo BBQ — which Esquire called one of the “100 Best Restaurants in America” — was located at The Rat.[5]

The Young Snakes on stage at The Rat, 1981

The Rat was the “locus of Boston Rock and Roll,”[6] and, while the club was revered for the soon-to-be-huge artists that performed there, it was equally distinguished by the local bands and scenes it helped to nurture. In 1976, the album Live at The Rat was released; it documented not only the music of the time, but the importance of the club in the development of Boston rock and roll.[7] The WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble was held at the Rathskeller for its first three years and was originally referred to as “the Rumble at the Rat.”[8] Other references to the Rat’s cultural impact can be found in the book All Souls, the film All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film,[9] and in both Guitar Hero II andGuitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.

The Rathskeller closed in November of 1997, and was torn down in October of 2000 to make way for the Hotel Commonwealth,[10] a 148-room luxury hotel of which Boston University is a limited partner.

My next Post will be about my night I played the Rat.

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