Build your self a fully legal, semi automatic Uzi Carbine – Part 1 of 6 : Introduction

I am not really that useful as a gunsmith.  I have a son who has built several Ar-15s, including a really nice one for for me.  I looked into building a AK and the tools you need for that are more expensive then buying a new AK. So I looked into Uzi’s.  Semi Automatic versions of Uzl’s are readily available and I decided that I needed to build one.  So I went out and bought a Semi-Automatically, Fully Welded receiver and a parts kit.  I will be documenting the steps required to built this over the next two weeks.  I would like to state for the record that US built Semi Automatic parts are being used.  The barrel size is 16 inches, which makes it legal without any SBR permit.  I am also using an Uzi Stickgrip modified to be only semi-automatic.  It will use a semi-automatic sear and have the required number of US built parts. It is completely legal in the state that I live in. I live a FREE STATE. I bought the Uzi receiver from a Federally Licensed Dealer (FFL) and I passed the Federal Background check before I was allowed to take the receiver home.  The only restricted part according to the ATF is the receiver. All the other parts could be shipped directly to my home.

The next post will detail the parts you need and where to get them.

5 thoughts on “Build your self a fully legal, semi automatic Uzi Carbine – Part 1 of 6 : Introduction

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