Happy Birthday Mr. Kalashnikov


Happy recent 94th Birthday to Mikhail Kalashnikov. Inventor of the AK-47. I understand he is very ill in the hospital right now. Get Well soon Mikhail.

The AK-47 and it’s variants including the Ak-74 and many many clones are the most mass produced gun in the history of the earth. Plus you can take the AK in dirt,sand, water, oil, and snow and the gun will work just fine.


Top Ak-47
Middle Ak-74
Bottom Sar-3

The AK’s are some of my favorite guns in the world.  I own a Romanian Ak-47, a Bulgarian Ak-74, and really strange but cool Romanian Sar-3. The Sar3 looks like an AK but shoots the .223 round that Ar-15’s use. The picture above is my 3 Ak’s on display in my gun room.

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