Travel Story: Protest in Buenos Aires

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I was teaching a course for a big company. The gig was for 3 weeks. Two weeks in Houston Texas, and a week in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Never been to South American, before so  It was a treat.

I was teaching on a second floor of one of their main streets.  Cinco de Mayo. Or the 5th of May.  The first several days were quit, but the third day, a giant protest suddenly manifested itself in the street outside the building. Hundreds of People, beating drums, waving flags. A speaker on a flat bed truck with a giant sound system.  They had their 1.5 hour protest and marched to the government buildings down the street.  I thought was great entertainment. The people at the training center, told me that it happens almost every week. People spend all their time protesting instead of being an political activist for their causes.  The Buenos Aires Government does not mind the protests. It would rather see protests then real political activism.

Trying to Order McNuggets in Buenos Aires.


Another funny store about Buenos Aires.  I have traveled many times to Europe on business, and maybe I have been spoiled by the fact that many Europeans Speak English (Not counting rude people in France).
I also took 2 years of spanish in Highschool and 2 years in College. Sure I haven’t never used that much to talk to anyone in Espanol, but I can still read it pretty well.

I tried to go to several big cafe in downtown Buenos Aires and had communication problems with the staff there.  In Denmark, most of the resterrants have big menus with pictures of all the food, so you can just point at what you want.  No so in Buenos Aires.  After having some issues, I ate most of my meals in the English owned hotel. (Actual English people on staff).

So i was really hungry one lunch time, so I wanted across the street to McDonalds.

I waited in line and when I got to the counter. I pointed at the giant picture of a box of McNuggets and said. “Tengo Diaz Nuggets .” or I want 10 Nuggets (in English).  The woman looked at me like I was crazy. I said English? and she shook her head. I asked the other workers.  No one responded.  I pointed again at the giant McNuggets  and when she starting yelling at me, I slowly exited the situation.

5 Hours later, I try again at a different McDonalds near my hotel.  Same result. Was I being punked by rude McDonald’s workers or was there really a communication issue.  Well, I looked up the word for McNugget in Spanish.  It is McNugget. So I think they just didn’t like American’s buying South American McNuggets.

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    ” The Buenos Aires Government does not mind the protests. It would rather see protests then real political activism.” – Bloggers, are doing political activism. Obama is bent out of shape: “Don’t listen to any of those bloggers.” – Hmmm…

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