Building the Semi-Automatic UZI -Part 6 of 6 Test firing the UZI


See parts 1-5 for instructions to source the parts and built your own Fully Legal semi-automatic UZI carbine I was delayed almost two weeks because of bad weather and a one week business trip, before I could take my new fun toy to the outdoor range and test it.


Above of pictures taken during the first firing of the finished Semi Automatic Uzi Carbine at the local gun range.

So my son and I took the completed UZI to the local gun range and we finally got to see if it would work. The UZI takes a little while to get used to, because of the grip safety.  This is the only gun I own that has a grip safety. So you have to push in the grip safety completely while you pull the trigger or nothing will happen.

I loaded the magazine, engaged the safety and the gun fired perfectly. This video below is a video of the actual first time, the gun has been fired.

There are 5 posts under the category Building the Uzi that explain where to get the receiver and parts and how to put them together. It has been a fun build and it did not take much skill other than to figure out how the parts went together.  I am completely happy with the build and I might even do it again and build a UZI pistol next time.

If you build yourself one from these directions, let me know if I missed anything.

Thanks and enjoy  Freddy

2 thoughts on “Building the Semi-Automatic UZI -Part 6 of 6 Test firing the UZI

  1. So is there any price savings for building this yourself? How much did you spend on the components vs. buying one already completed?

    • Century Arms has been selling their UC-9 Centurion 9mm Uzi Sub-Machine gun Style Rifle w/ Folding Stock. By CAI for a list price of $699. You usually hear of quality issues with CAI products. They make some many of them, defects slip through the cracks. They are also using a much cheaper receiver and bolt. I think the McKay receiver and Bolt are the best available products of this type. I spent $799. I could have saved $65 if I knew how to weld the pistol stick modification. I bought a second one with modification already done. and I used all IME parts except for the barrel and the receiver/bolt. I think i ended up with a high quality end product then buying one of the new ones. Plus, I really know the insides of the gun very well now if case, i ever have to fix it. The Action Arms Uzi’s that use all IME parts with a action arms receiver, go for over a $1000 around here. I have seen prices between $1200 to $1800.The ones at the high end having over 10 magazines a hard case.

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