Two Thirds Of Americans Don’t Believe Gun Control Prevents Armed Criminals

Here’s more proof that the anti-guns claim that 90% of all Americans want more gun laws is completely false.


Poll: 63% Of Americans Say Stricter Gun Control Laws Won’t Prevent Criminals From Getting Guns…




” In other words, 63% don’t believe’s the Dems excuse for wanting to take guns away from law-abiding Americans.

Via Reason:

  When it comes to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, 63 percent of Americans remain unconvinced that tighter restrictions on buying and owning guns will be effective, according to the latest  Reason-Rupe poll. About a third (32 percent), said stricter regulations would be effective in preventing criminals from obtaining guns.

  Seven in ten Republicans say stricter gun regulations would not be effective while just 26 percent say they would be effective.  Democrats are more divided on the issue.”


Apparently , fully one third of Americans suffer from the delusion that criminals obey the law … go figure …







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