1 Year ago today… Newtown gave Gun Grabbers a Merry Christmas


Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School took place one year ago today.

I have already written that I think Nancy Lanza is responsible for being the world’s worst parent.  She should have not coddled, her completely insane son. She should not have given him weapons.  She knew he was very mentally ill and yet she gave him the weapons that he used to kill her and kill those kids.  I am sorry for all the kids that died.  That was a very sad day. And none of the gun laws that the below gun grabbers have proposed would have prevented this sad incident.


Faces of Real Evil. They were happy that sandy hook happened

True Evil

Adam Lanza was a sick freak that should have been hospitalized for life in some home for insane. He was evil.  But do you know what the real evil was?  I will tell you.
The anti-gun crowd had a plan.  They were waiting for the next big mass murder event that used guns.  So they were ready to immediately start their lies and manipulation of the American People and the liberal media to take away the rights of Americans to have guns.

There are stories and rummours in the “not so main stream” media that all of the gun grabbers above, were allegedly actually “giddy with excitement and glee” when they heard about Sandy Hook.  Because now they could implement their plan to get rid of guns.  And for the last year, these people have been lying and using everything in their bag of dirty tricks to ban assault weapons, standard capacity magazines (they call them large capacity clips),  You know their lies:

  • 40% of all guns sales do not have a background checkComplete and total fiction. They study they have used, goes back to before we had the Brady Bill and mandatory background checks.
  • 90% of the American People want expanded background checks- Complete and totally not correct. They misused the poll. The actual poll question said “Do you favor background checks for gun purchases” The question never asked about “expanded background checks”
  • Mass Shootings are a major problem. Guns are used for offensive purposes only- Wrong again, A recent CDC study authorized by one of Obama’s anti-gun presidential directives said ” Mass Shootings are rare and guns are used for defensive reasons the same amount of the time as they are used for offensive reasons.
  • No one needs an “assault weapon” They are military grade weapons.- Wrong yet again. They way they now classify “assault weapons in NY and CA is anti semi-automatic rifle that holds more than 5 bullets. The real “assault weapons are machine guns” Machine Guns have been very restricted for a very long time.  These weapons are just semi automatic rifles that look like their military counterparts.  In fact, hunting rifles shoot a more deadly and lethal round than any Ar-15 or AK. These guns are used for sport and recreation, and organized shooting competitions across the country.  And Lastly, the FBI came out with statistics, that over the last 5 years, More people have been killed with hammers, then rifles.  There is no problem with rifles in this country.


Despite the lies and the using of the New Town Parents as props, a year later we have defeated these evil band of liars and we have no new federal gun control. Even one of the New Town parents, has said that “All the proposed gun laws would not have prevented the Sandy Hook Shootings”  Yes, the states of CT, NY, and CA, CO lost gun rights, and I believable many of their new gun laws will be eventually overturned by the supreme court or by the people voting in different politicians.


Next year, we have the 2014 midterm elections. And we must continue to work against these freedom stealing politicians that want to take away our god given rights to self defense that were not given to us. They are a natural right. The 2nd Amendment confirmed these rights, it did not give us these rights.

The majority of Americans do not support these “Real Evil Doers” and the latest study shows Obama has the lowest approval rating of any president. Even lower than Nixon.
The government needs to get out of the lives of the average American. We need to take back this country in 2014.

Coming Next Year, The real America is coming back and these freedom stealing politicians better find a new job. Because America has no use for any of them any their new gun laws, or their healthcare system.

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