It is time to create a registry of all people that want to ban guns


Internment Camp for Gun Banners

Special Guest Editorial by Jefferson Thomas

This country has a problem. They are a small percentage of Americans who are completely mentally ill and present a clear and present danger to this country.

I am talking about the “Constitution Deniers that want to restrict and ban all guns.  These people have been mostly harmless in the past. But over the last year, the lies and antics have been repeated so many times, that honest sane people have started to believe their lies.

These are some of their lies:

The 2nd second amendment is about a Militia. The founders of American did not want it’s citizens to own guns.

They believe that in taking away guns from honest people, will result in less crime.   Because all criminals will immediately give up their guns.

They believe that crime is at a all time high, and guns are killing everyone, everywhere, and billions of kids are denying every day. This one is really amazing, since the government’s own studies prove that crime and gun crime are at a 20 year low.

Of course, all the above are lies and fiction.  We gun owners may be a small part of the population, but we must enforce our views on every American, because our views are the right ones, and we are not going to even discuss our beliefs. It’s our way or Else.


Insane People that need to be seized for the good of the people

Register all Gun Banners

Do you know the old saying that If you repeat a lie over and over again, it will have the same impact as the truth.

America needs to implement the following immediately:

  1. Everyone that supports more guns laws, or the banning of guns need to be registered into a national database.
  2. Once everyone is in the database, we can proceed to step 2 and raid all the homes, and apartments, and seize these people.
  3. The people will be brought to re-education camps.
  4. Those that can be cured of their mental illness will be released with restrictions back into the general populations.
  5. The gun banners that cannot be cured, will be processed for their components and these body parts will be used for organ transplants.  Anything that cannot be reused will be melted down.

Guns seized by gun banners

Now some of you will say that the U.S. Constitutions and Bill of Rights does not allow this. We say, so what. The Founders of America would have wanted this to happen. You can trust us, we are the only ones, who know what the original founders wanted.

We should also round of the following liars who have tried to take away our god given rights :  Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts, Gov. Cuomo, Atty Gen Holder, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Sen. Diane Feinstein, Ex-Congresswoman Giifords and her Astronaut Thug Husband. We should create a special re-education camp for these offenders.  These people should be forced to read the Ben Franklins Papers, Thomas Jefferson’s Papers, and the US Constitution and the Bill of rights, over and over and over again, until they understand that gun rights were not given to us by the Amendment. Gun rights and the right to self defense is a basic human right that was confirmed by the 2nd Amendment, not given to us by the 2nd amendment.

Jefferson Thomas

13 thoughts on “It is time to create a registry of all people that want to ban guns

  1. I agree. It’s time to start exposing these Nazis for what they are. Let the thugs that they let out of prison know where they live, and that they are unarmed. Personally, I think any cop that violates this is no better than an Auschwitz guard. I’m tired of the “just doing my job” defense. How may of the Nazi guards said that?

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  3. Well, I like the point of the site .. It is a little to radical for me … I think just by having an public registry of people that hate freedom should be enough to wake them up a little !! … Plus I don’t think putting them into any type of prison would help at all … I’d support an deportation to a country with the gun ban they want to pass here …… Because their are many other country’s that support their concept of gun control …. However America’s has been written in black & white for century’s …. period … No need to change an entire country .. or an individual’s thought’s .. Just ship them on out of the country to one that supports their thought’s !!!!! Problem solved !! Unless they are just trying to attack America using politics ??

      • I disagree … In almost every country they hate American’s … I believe our founding four fathers had something to say about that !!! … In these other country’s they will have either freedom or security !! … Plus it is much cheaper for a one way plane ticket rather than food & board for years !! … Plus – We would not be infringing any more right’s that we value & believe in … They would be giving them up via. treason …. (not sure I used the rite wording)

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  5. It’s so true, everything you said. I unfortunately live in NYC and love guns so it is a remote fantasy of actually owning one and taking pleasure in practicing at a range. I wish there was a way to challenge the Laws and have them overturned.

    • I always find it interesting. My state has issued me a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The Federal Government has given me a Federal Fire Arms License and yet I can be arrested in Ma, CT, or NY for having one loose round of ammo in my car. The places were you need guns the most, they take away that right, so only the criminals have guns.

      • You know what else is screwy .. How come in those area’s that demand registration & restriction’s the firearm owners have to pay all the fee’s / taxes that they never voted for out of their own pocket? Why is it not the state that has to pick up the bill for all those fee’s ??? The state is the one that added reg. fee’s of firearm owners …. Google infringement ..

      • It’s just away to get more money in the government til to be used for the politicians pet projects. Let’s raise the tax on cigarets, on beer, on guns? It never stops in some states. I live in a state with no sales tax or income tax. One of the few.

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