Führer Bloomberg wants to enforce his beliefs on the American People

Another Guest Editorial by Jefferson Thomas


If you are a student of history, you will remember that every time some tyrannical dictator has seized power and tired to enforce his  fascist policies, that the sane world sooner or later catches up with him.  Here are some examples:

Benito Mussolini was captured and summarily executed near Lake Como by Italian partisans. His body was then taken to Milan where it was hung upside down at a service station for public viewing and to provide confirmation of his demise.[7]

Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife, Elena, escaped Bucharest by helicopter minutes ahead of an angry mob. The respite was temporary; the couple was taken into custody by the army, given a show trial, and sentenced to death for genocide and corruption. Though there was nominally a 10-day period to contest the ruling, the execution commenced immediately: The Ceausescus hands were tied and they were forced against a wall, where a firing squad riddled them with bullets.

Muammar Gadhafi was dragged, beaten and poked with a bayonet or knife. At some point, he was shot in the head. His body was put on display in a freezer in the city of Misrata for several days.

Michael “Big Gulp” Bloomberg- He wants to dictate the laws, although he will not be in office. Let’s hope that students of history, remove this threat to the American way at some time in the near future.

And here is the story:

Bloomberg wants to enforce his will on Americans

WASHINGTON – A gun-rights leader Sunday blasted Mayor Bloomberg for planning to spend $25 million in next year’s elections to boost gun control, saying Americans reject his “arrogance of power.”

“I’m not sure the amount of money that billionaire Bloomberg has is going to be effective,” Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

He predicted a repeat of this year’s recall election in Colorado, where Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns spent $350,000 backing two gun-control lawmakers who still got booted from office.

“He outspent the candidates that won in Colorado enormously and he lost,” said Pratt. “So I think the message is, ‘We don’t like the arrogance of power. We don’t like the message that we ought to be disarmed as a way of fighting crime.”

“Mayor Bloomberg’s message is wrong and he’s going to continue to lose,” said Pratt.


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