Travel Story: Denmark Part 2


I am not sure what is happening in this picture

Strange Happenings in Denmark

Next to my hotel and the soccer stadium is a soccer shop. Now I am guessing the player on the left side is a legendary
player every looks up to. And the new guy on the right, probably made a bunch of mistakes that cost his team to lose, so they took his legs away from him.

So it turns out cars are very expensive here because the government imposes a tax that is sometimes 2.5 times the price of the car, because they want people to ride bikes instead.  There is no danish car company or Danish autoworkers to complain.  Remember Denmark is mostly known for pastries. I am told that a $22,000 Mini Cooper would probably cost over $100,000 after taxes.  That seems insane.  I hope Obama never goes to Denmark, we don’t need him thinking up new ways as he continues to destroy the US economy with Green legislation that will kill any rebound in the economy.   And by the way, it is really cold here.  Around 10-15 degrees colder then normal.  Forget Global Warming, it’s time to change to Global Cooling.


statue in front of the soccer stadium/hotel

No, I have no idea what the hell that thing is.  It is outside the Hotel I am staying in.

Debit Cards in Europe.
If you come to Europe, bring cash because you US ATM/Check, Debit Card will not work in most if not all stores in Europe.

And if you do come, bring plenty of underwear, because if you go to a local store to buy some, you will nearly faint when you pay 600 Danish Kroners ( approx $85) to buy a 3 pairs  and they are strange underwear.  Just take my word for it.

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