Neighbors say: How dare you put up Christmas Decorations!


Note by Freddy: If I had neighbors like this, I would leave my Christmas Lights on 365 days a year. And  if the anti-Christmas neighbors are reading this. I would just like to say Merry Christmas. I hope Santa and his reindeer both take a dump on your house on Christmas eve.

NEWTON, Mass. (WHDH) — One Christmas display in Newton has pitted neighbor against neighbor.
The home glows with holiday cheer in one Newton neighborhood: Santa, snowmen, baby Jesus in a manger. For the Hunter family it’s an electric display of the Christmas spirit, but someone sent them a letter saying otherwise.

“Not everybody in the neighborhood is Christian and many people do not wish to see such a flagrant display of your beliefs,” said Kelly Hunter, received complaint.

The letter was signed only “your neighbors.” The person who wrote it complained that the trimmings are tacky.
“You are of course free worship as you believe, celebrate as you please, and free to have bad taste, but please have the good sense to do these things in the privacy of your own home. Sincerely, your neighbors.” Kelly Hunter read.

“We’re not anti-anything. We are Christian, we are celebrating our faith. People are free to do that,” said Kristen Hunter, received complaint.

“Coward, wish they could have said who it is, sign your name to it,” Kelly said.
The display started 40 years ago by the children’s grandfather.  “It really means just keeping my grandfather’s legacy alive, and I think it means a lot to the neighborhood too,” said Caleb Hunter, received complaint.  The Hunter family says they won’t let this letter put a sour note on their Christmas.

“We have so much support; people are really showing their love,” said Kristen.
The letter was postmarked from Boston, so the Hunters say they’re not entirely convinced it’s from one of their direct neighbors.

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