The Washington Post Has Decided Anyone Who Votes Republican is a Hater

Hi. My name is Freddy and I just I am a hater….

American Glob

For the last five years Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and Tea Party folks have endured a never ending slew of insults from liberals in politics and media.

Obama told his supporters to vote for revenge and to punish their enemies. Tea Party folks were ridiculed as Tea Baggers on national television. Republicans are regularly called terrorists and hostage takers. Libertarians have been called selfish anarchists. I could go on and on.

The liberal network MSNBC has fired two people in recent weeks, one for homophobic comments, the other for sexist comments that could be defined as violence against women. Democrats regularly accuse black conservatives of being “Uncle Toms” and traitors.

Yet despite all this, the Washington Post wants you to know that anyone who votes Republican from here on out is a hater…

Haters gonna hate. But they plan to vote Republican

Meet the haters.

We’re talking about the voters who’ve…

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