Warning for People Selling guns via Armslist or Gunbroker


I sell a gun on Armslist.com or Gunbroker.com every now and then.  I actually tend to buy more via those websites then sell guns.

I currently have a AK on armslist. It has been up there for a month or two.  I set a high price on it because I just don’t want to sell it that much. I am still in Denmark, but I am getting my email, I get a email yesterday from a guy in Long Island NY.  He is willing to pay the high asking price and wants me to ship it to his Long Island NY FFL.

But wait, AK’s are not allowed in NY State since Governor ButtFace Cuomo rammed the NY Safe act through the NY State legislature.

I talk to a few other people who have been selling guns, and they got a similar email.  So this is either New York law enforcement, or some of Mayor Assface Bloomberg’s people, trying to trick out of state sellers into shipping guns into NY State. And they have a FFL in Long Island that is helping them.  You really have to be careful these days.  I personally am only willing to sell to people face to face if they have a State Carry Permit and driver’s license or we go through a local FFL.

2 thoughts on “Warning for People Selling guns via Armslist or Gunbroker

  1. More than likely, it’s a sting. I live on Long Island, NY, and there would be great concern by Schumer, P. King, McCarthy, Cuomo, because gun shops have almost barren gun racks. Bypassing competitive purchasers would be nice, and many might try going that route or, try to purchase a forbidden firearm and squirrel it away.
    I would like to have an AK for feral hog hunting, but cannot.
    I would like to have a 60W Marlin for chuck hunting Upstate, but cannot.
    Then, all the government stooges wonder why the People have turned against them.

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