Updated: Remember When Toy Guns were a Great Christmas present


Here is a vintage toy gun commerical

My Family

My son is 17. When he was under 10, he would have put this gun on the top of his Christmas list.

Unfortunately now, any kid playing with this in his yard, would be shot by a rogue cop out to kill someone, because he knows he can get away with it.

I bought airsoft guns and we used to shoot them in the backyard. I spent $300 for an AK that looked like a real AK but shot plastic bullets.  He and his friends used to play in the woods behind the house. By the time my son was 11, he was shooting real guns with his Grandfather and Uncle, both are Ex Navy and Police Officers.  I run into the toy guns every now and then in the basement or garage.  Ever since, he fired a real gun, he had no interest in the toys and airsoft.

Now he has his own guns. (It’s legal in my state, for a father or grandfather to give a child under 18 guns. He can’t buy long guns until age 18 and handguns from a dealer until age 21, but he can be given guns. He is an expert marksman with pistol or rifle. He can put 30 rounds into the center ring at 200 yard without a problem.  I can barely see the target at 200 yards these days.

His grandfather gave him Enfield Jungle Carbine  and a Colt Government 1911.  I have given him a Nagant Pistol, and a German Mauser, the over the last two Christmases. This year he wanted something else instead of guns. He still likes guns, he loves the new UZI,

Kids not being allowed to Play

Now a school kid can’t even point his finger at a playmate at recess and say bang without being suspended or arrested by lunatic school administrators.

We are losing part of our heritage when kids can’t play any more. No more cowboys and Indians, because that’s racist. No more playing with guns because of “Zero Tolerance” rules. A 6th grader kisses a girls hand and is labeled a “sex offender”(Happened last week).

The real America is slowly drifting away.  I actually think we are too far gone, and our next generation is doomed.  I hope I am wrong, I really do. But just in case, I have a secure gun room filled with guns and ammo and if needed, I or my son will use it to protect our families when civilization crashes and burns.

If things turn around, then I have a great gun collection that my son can use or sell for a bunch of money.

We win either way.

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