Why do I carry a Gun: In my own House – a continuing series


Birmingham woman shoots ex-boyfriend hiding in her basement


A Birmingham woman shot an ex-boyfriend who she found hiding in her house last night.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, the 32-year-old female called authorities around 7 p.m. yesterday to tell them that her ex-boyfriend had broken into her house and she had shot him.

The victim says she went to her basement to smoke, when she realized that her ex-boyfriend was in the basement. He smashed her phone when she tried to call 911, before chasing her around the basement.

The woman took a gun from her pocket and shot the 34-year-old in the leg. When he fled, he dropped his cell phone, which she used to call 911.

The man was taken into custody around 8:30 p.m. and transported to the hospital for treatment of his injury.

Klark Alan Gray, 34, of Pelham, was charged with aggravated stalking, second-degree domestic violence, third-degree burglary and interference with a domestic violence call. He’s still in the jail at this time, but will be transferred to the Jefferson County Jail, where he’ll be held in lieu of $66,000 bond.

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