CryptoLocker computer virus is real and nasty. Beware!

Freddy;s Note: This is a serious threat. The encryption they are using is serious and probably only the NSA could decrypt it.

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computer virus

There’s a very nasty computer virus called CryptoLocker that targets computers running Microsoft Windows.

First surfacing in September 2013, the virus may be disguised as a legitimate email attachment. When you open the attachment, however, unlike other viruses that simply delete your files, thereby allowing for the possibility of some file recovery, CryptoLocker will securely encrypt them using a special private key.

When your computer’s been infected by CryptoLocker, you’ll see a message like this:


Recovery of your files is impossible without CryptoLocker’s encryption key that they’ll give you only in exchange for a ransom payment.

That is why CryptoLocker is called a ransom malware.

The ransom must be paid by a stated deadline through either Bitcoin or a pre-paid voucher.

Although the CryptoLocker virus itself is readily removed, the files in your computer remain encrypted until you pay the ransom. Many say that the ransom should not be paid, but do not…

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