Krauthammer Drops a Bomb: If a Republican Had Done What Obama Did, He’d Be Impeached By Now

Absolutely true


President Obama’s abuse of executive privilege is not cool and, according to Charles Krauthammer, wouldn’t have been tolerated had he been a Republican:

    “You can have executive orders that implement already existing laws, but what Obama has done in the DREAM Act . . . is unbelievably unconstitutional. He’s done that over and over again on immigration, drug laws, climate change, and, of course, on Obamacare, which he has unilaterally altered lawlessly at least 15 times.”

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Black activists scathing response to Obama’s speech: We’re better off without you, ‘just quit’

Now some of Obama’s Chicago peers have turned against him. When will the media finally turn?


A group of black Chicago activists, also known as community organizers, were asked for their opinion of the Obama presidency after he delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday. Their answers, unlike those from MSNBC, were brutally honest.

“We’d be better off with you cutting off your presidency right now,” Mark Carter, an activist with Voices of the Ex-Offenders (VOTE) said. “Just quit.”

J.R. Fleming, founder of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, exhibited a stronger understanding of economic principles in 40 seconds than the president has displayed in five years in office.

“The reason why our economy is dying, is because the president’s approach has always been to place blame on the corporate world — to place blame on the rich,” he said. “The problem is patronage, nepotism and cronyism.” read more>>>

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Obama Lied about everything Last Night


1. Obama claims that “corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better. But… [u]pward mobility has stalled.” This has been refuted most recently by Harvard Economics Professor Raj Chetty who recently released a paper showing that upward mobility in America hasn’t changed since the 1970’s.  This means that in the past 40+ years the chances of moving out of poverty in America have remained unchanged.

2. The President continued beating his ‘war on women’ drum last night, using his often cited statistic about women making only $.77 for every dollar a man makes in America.  The problem is this statistic is completely bogus.  It isn’t just conservatives who are saying this, even the staunch liberals at Slate say the President’s figures simply don’t add up.  After all, it’s just arithmetic.

3. While the President made a big show out of the minimum wage he failed to tell the American people that the minimum wage actually only affects less than 1% of the work force.  That’s right, less than 1% of the American workforce earns the federal minimum wage, the rest work at a level above the minimum.  While Obama might want to force this issue for political gain, he is lying when he says that this is a huge problem for the American public.

4. Obama claimed “more than 9 million Americans have signed up” for coverage under ObamaCare during his speech last night, a number that has been widely challenged in the aftermath of the speech. Observers have pointed out that almost 5 million Americans have lost coverage because of the mandates in ObamaCare. Others have questioned the number of Medicaid beneficiaries who are newly eligible due to the program’s expansion under the law. Obama’s 9 million figure includes a claim that 3.9 million learned they are eligible for Medicaid, but he admits some of those counted are actually renewals.

5. President Obama claimed to have added 8 million jobs to the U.S. economy last night to loud applause.  The problem is, that claim only rings true if you ignore all of the jobs the economy has lost under Obama’s watch.  The true number is well less than half of his claim.  The President will continue to ignore this truth, however, because it goes to show that the economic recovery under his tenure has been the slowest since World War Two.

6. While Obama took credit for the rising domestic energy production he is lying by omission when he fails to tell the American people this energy boom has occurred in spite of his policies, not because of them.  Much of the increase in domestic energy production has happened on private land, and despite the growing number of regulations that the Obama administration has heaped on the industry.

7.  The Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare to most, is on its face a lie.  While the President painted a rosy picture of his namesake last night, he glossed over the fact that it is not affordable after all.  While monthly bills for health insurance have gone down for some (and risen for others), that is only one side of the equation.  What Obama isn’t telling the public is that deductibles are going up under ObamaCare, sometimes doubling or even tripling.

8. While carbon emissions are not at the top of ForAmerica’s policy priorities, holding President Obama accountable for his claims is what we are all about. Last night, the President claimed the U.S. “reduced our total carbon pollution more than any other nation on Earth.” The facts show many nations reduced their emissions by a greater percentage than the U.S. has in recent years.

9. On Iran, President Obama told the American people a flat out lie last night.  The President said that Iran is now eliminating its stockpile of highly enriched uranium.  While evidence exists that the Iranians, under the recent international agreement, have begun oxidizing their highly enriched uranium, a process that makes the uranium unusable. Obama failed to say this process is completely reversible, and thus, Iran has not eliminated their stockpiles at all.

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Gun of the Week #10 : Beretta 1935


Every Wednesday, I feature a gun from my collection. You can see the whole series here. Today it is a Beretta 1935.  I bought this gun from Collectible Arms and Ammo in Merrimack NH.  This is my favorite gun shop, I have bought over 20 guns from them.  This was a C&R gun and they had my C&R FFL on file, so  I hand them $400 and I am out the door.  IIt is in great shape.  I believe that this gun is a German Bring back from WWII because it has the 4UT stamp near the backstrap. That was the German Nazi acceptance stamp. There is sometimes confusion over this Model.  The Beretta 1934 was chambered in .380 ACP. This gun is a 1935 model, the only difference is this gun used .32 ACP instead of .380.

In the early 1930s, the Italian army was impressed by the Walther PP pistol. Beretta did not want to lose a big Italian military contract and designed the compact M1934 for the Italian army, which accepted it in 1937. The M1935 is simply an M1934, modified to fire .32ACP ammunition.Image

The M1935 is a single-action semi-automatic blowback pistol that fires the .32 ACP ammunition. It is made out of carbon steel with plastic grips. It is fitted with a manual safety and when the last shot has been fired the slide is retained open by the empty magazine. The magazine capacity is 8 rounds. As this pistol was built for the Italian army, all parts were interchangeable, which simplified maintenance and manufacturing: a first at the time.

Intended Market
The M1935 was purpose built and designed for the Italian armed forces, however it was also sold to the civilian market and issued to the German forces in 1944 and 1945.

Design Advantages
Fitted with the Beretta style open slide, the M1935 has a very reliable feeding and extraction cycle. It was made with few parts and is very simple to maintain. The M1935 is a very robust construction with long service life if properly maintained.

The .32 ACP ammunition is somewhat under-powered for combat use. The magazine capacity of only 8 rounds and short effective range reduces the M1935 to a last resort self-defense weapon. The slide is not of the self-catching type; the magazine retains the action to the rear. When the magazine is removed the action returns forward on an empty chamber. This slows down reloading of the pistol.

From 1935 to 1967, about 525,000 units.
Mod. 1935 cal. 7.65 / .32ACP
Start / end of production from 1935 to 1967
Quantity produced about 525,000
Start – End -Serial numbers
1935 – 1959 from about 410000 to 923048
1962 – 1963 from A10001 to A14130
1966 – 1967 from H14131 to H14673

World War II Prize Guns
The Beretta M1935 was captured in huge numbers during World War II from Italian and German armed forces by allied soldiers, who liked it because of its small size, rugged design and good construction. Many of these captured pistols are operational to this day and widespread in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and in the United Kingdom. The M1935 is compact and easy to hide, with ammunition available for it.

Undercover Cop Hits Man , Victim Pulls Gun and Loses Gun and Gun Rights Forever

Freddy’s Note:

I have updated this post with some new information.  This doesn’t seem fair.  This guy did nothing but try and protect himself and he ended up losing his gun, his gun rights and now he has a criminal record. The guy did not know the guy who almost ran him over was a undercover cop.  I hope all three of these corrupt public officials are paid back via Bad Karma what they did to this poor man.

Massive Injustice in Palmerton

A man literally walked into the middle of police surveillance of a man accused of robbery several women and raping some of them, but it’s what Barry Pointon Jr. did next that earned him a criminal record.

Police were trying to catch Saleem Faulk and officers followed him to the Home Depot parking lot off MacArthur Road in Whitehall Township back on Nov. 15, 2012.

Pointon was walking across the parking lot toward his car, putting a receipt in his pocket,  an unmarked police car driven by Allentown police Detective Tom Anderson, who was wearing plainclothes and his badge on a chain around his neck, Senior Deputy District Attorney Tonya Tharp said. Anderson was assisting other officers in the Home Depot surveillance. Detective Anderson was speeding through the parking lot and “slammed on his brakes” and was unable to stop in time, knocking over Pointon.  When Pointion got up off the ground, he saw that the driver of the car, (Detective Anderson) was yelling curses at him. When Pointon saw the driver of the car, reaching for a gun, he pulled out his own gun in self defense and pointed it at Anderson.

The detective got out of his car, identified himself as a police officer and pointed his gun at Pointon, who dropped his gun and followed the officer’s orders, Tharp said.

Today, Pointon pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and possession of a prohibited weapon, in exchange for prosecutors withdrawing other charges including aggravated assault. Under the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to a sentence of two years of probation, with the first three months served as house arrest. Pointon has been free on $50,000 unsecured bail

Pointon, 28, has no prior criminal history and was licensed to carry a firearm, defense attorney Phil Lauer said.

“It’s pretty clear, I think, he misunderstood what was happening,” Lauer said of the incident.

Anderson said the incident occurred in front of the store’s busy main entrance and there were five or six people nearby when Pointon pulled his loaded 9 mm pistol.

“I’m curious, what caused you to get out of the car?” Judge Kelly Banach asked Anderson.

“He was pointing a gun at me. I couldn’t just let it go,” Anderson said.

Lauer said it has been difficult for Pointon to accept having a criminal record when he felt he was reacting to something he thought was a danger to him, but he takes responsibility for putting other people in danger.

Banach asked Pointon why he was carrying a firearm. Pointon said his father abused him and made threats against him and his family from prison. Pointon said he was going over to his mother’s after target practice with his wife, which is why he had the gun on him.

Banach said she didn’t think Pointon, who was tearful during parts of the hearing, would be able to shoot someone. She said once Pointon pulled his weapon, “then it’s on — game on,” and the situation could have escalated quickly.

“Maybe this all has a good result. You don’t need a weapon,” Banach said.

Pointon agreed to let the pistol be destroyed and will not be able to have a firearm or live in a house with firearms under the terms of his probation. With the prohibited weapons conviction on his record, he will be excluded from owning firearms, Banach said.

Faulk, the man at the center of the police surveillance, was arrested. Last month Faulk admitted robbing eight women, sexually assaulting two of them and being an accomplice in the rape of another.

A persona built upon anger and hate

He has earned the title “Worst President of All Time”. The liberals are already starting to turn on him. He will be universally hated by everyone, not just conservatives, before his presidency is over.

U.S. Constitutional Free Press

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Diane Sori
R.M. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo and Barack Obama
Yesterday, my friend, fellow conservativepolitical blogger, and radio co-host Craig Andresen wrote in his blog ‘The National Patriot’ ( an article about whom he believes is Obama’s true daddy. He and I discussed this in detail and I must concur that I too believe that R.M. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo…the founder of the international spiritual movement begun in Indonesia in the 1920s…is the true father of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

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