What really happens at a gun show


I went to a gun show in Manchester NH over the weekend.  It was held at a local hotel and it was filled with vendors and people.  For the $8 admission, I could browse the tables of guns and ammo and accessories.

The liberals think that Gun Shows are shady places where there are tables and tables full of machine guns that you buy without background checks, when the true story is something quite different.

g1First of all, It is held in a hotel ballroom and there are police and firedepartment staff observing the event.  I have been to over 8 gun shows in New England and I have only seen 1 vendor who was not a holder of a Federal FireArm’s license. And that was at a show two years ago.  Every vendor at the show this past weekend, was requireing buyers to fill out the standard Federal FireArms background check form and was processing the background checks before giving the buyers their guns.  Sometimes, if the FFL got a delay, that meant that the buyer would have to travel to the FFL dealer sometime later in the week when the approval was received.


I having been going to Gun Shows for about 5 years.  I actually started going to gun shows about 2 years before I started buying guns. Before last year, I would actually get a good deal at gun shows on things.  I bought some Italian Carcanos for $100 each, I bought a Suomi Kp-31 at one in Keene, NH two years ago for  $450.  I saw that same gun for $825 on Satuday.  Which is really amazing, because I know two online vendors that will ship it to your local FFL for $395 which makes my point. Gun Shows have been a waste of time for me over the last 18 months.

There are very few deals or bargains at gun shows these days.
Over the last 4 guns shows, I have  seen guns vastly overpriced.  This weekend I saw a brand new Walther PPK/s that a dealer wanted $840.  Two dealers over, the same gun was $750 and I could buy at my local dealer away from the gun show for $600.  The same model, brand new gun.

When I go to a gun show, I usually carry about $1500 in cash, hoping to find a Russian Makarov, or Tokerov, or even a PPSH-41.  I have yet to find any of those and in fact, I have even found anything I remotely want.  The only thing I bought this weekend was some 32 S&W Short ammo for my 3 antique revolvers, and some 38 S&W for my Enfield Revolver  Gun of the Week #1.

So the last 3 times, I went to a gun show, I spent a total of less than $70 on three boxes of ammo.  I keep hoping to find some special buys and all I find is the same overpriced stuff. Maybe I need to go to some of the big gun shows down south or out west, because I am not finding anything at gun shows out in New England.

Update: My son said told me something that I think is right on target.  Because of all the “BAN GUN” talk by Obama and his cronies, more new people are buying guns.  Gun shows are attracting these new buyers, who think that the prices are good, because they don’t know any better.  It has to be the new people who are buying guns at these shows. It makes sense, cause all the people I know who are really in into guns are still going to these shows, more to  socialize then to buy guns.

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