No Gun Allowed Sign Failed to Keep Customers Safe


Freddy” Note:

I always chuck when I hear people complaining about No FireArms Allowed Signs, or laws that will restrict fire arms from certain places.

The reason for this is because in my state. Business, and even Cities and Towns are not allowed to set fire arms policies. The State Legislature is the sole authority and they have only passed a law saying “No Guns at the State House”. That law itself was not in existence, until he Open Carry Crowd had a huge protest involving Open carry inside the State House.  I blame the “Open Carry” extremists for that law. So in my State, you can’t carry in the State House, Court Building, and Inside the post office.  The moronic obsessed bitches of the Mother’s Demand Action aren’t going to get any traction in this state.  Business and bars can’t restrict fire arms.  Here is a case below of what  happens when a business restricts fire arms.

From Mississippi Gun News:

On Friday January 10, 2014 a man was shot outside a convenience store in Jackson, MS.

The victim was taken to a local hospital with a gun shot to his leg.

It’s interesting to note the “No Firearms” sign displayed on the window of the store.

Attorney David Butts of Tupelo, MS had this to say on the Facebook page of Firearms Freedom Day;

“A report of a shooting outside a convenience store in Jackson today, which had a “no firearms” sign posted at the entrance, brings to mind one obvious observation and one not so obvious question. First, it is obvious that criminals have no regard whatsoever for “no firearms” signs and that, in fact, the presence of such a sign may even encourage a criminal to enter a business to commit a criminal act (robbery, etc.) since, presumably, no one (except possibly the business owner) would have a firearm.
The not-so-obvious question is “what is the responsibility of the business owner to protect his/her customers if they post a ‘no firearms’ sign at their place of business?”

It is already the law in MS that a business owner must exercise “reasonable care” to protect a customer from injury. One sees this a lot in “slip and fall” cases (wet floors, owner has duty to warn of danger).

But what about the situation where a customer, legally armed, either openly or with a concealed carry permit, disarms themselves to do business in the “no firearms” business and is injured or killed by some gun-wielding thug intent on committing a crime? What does the owner’s duty of “reasonable care” to protect the customer mean in those circumstances?

There have already been several cases in MS where business owners have been held responsible for injuries to their patrons or residents where they failed to provided adequate security (for robbery, rape, assault, etc.). In the case in Jackson, the shooting occurred outside the place of business, but what if it had happened inside? And what if the person who was shot had disarmed themselves because of the sign in order to go in and do business? It may be just a matter of time before just such a case happens. Just my guess, but at a minimum business owners who post such “no firearms” signs may be put to the expense of metal detectors and/or armed guards inside their places of business. More cost which is usually passed on to the customer. IMHO

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