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Expert: China Preparing to Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers

“Mutually Assured Destruction” guiding hypersonic missile policy in Washington & Beijing

Paul Joseph Watson
January 20, 2014

China’s new hypersonic missile vehicle is primarily designed to target U.S. aircraft carriers, military expert Chen Hu told the state-run China Central Television (CCTV) in yet another admission of Beijing’s increasingly hostile geopolitical posturing.

The WU-14, a hypersonic glide vehicle which can penetrate missile defense systems by traveling at up to ten times the speed of sound, underwent its first test flight earlier this month.

Despite assurances by China’s defense ministry that the new vehicle was not aimed at any particular country, Chinese military expert Chen Hu told state media that the system, “can surely be used against US carriers in any region around the globe” and that it was “designed to strike large military targets including US aircraft carriers.”

Noting that the development…

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    All this time, I thought they were possibly thinking of targeting a certain address in DC (#1600), or the Upper and Lower Houses. No indication of scale (size, etc.), or portability. If really fast as hyped up, there would be no defense and a great deal of damage done but.., it’s probably hot air and the weapon merely a limp soggy noodle (no egg roll included).

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