Court Rules California School Had Right To Ban US Flag T-Shirts


Freddy’s Note:
This is American right? So why did a court rules that it is ok to ban shirts that have the American Flag and let students wear the Mexican Flag Instead?  This is insane. These judges and school officials should have their citizenship/green cards revoked and forcibly deported to Mexico.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are a bunch of clueless morons that hate America.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that a California school had the right to prohibit students from wearing American flag t-shirts and infringe upon the First Amendment rights of students. A small group of students opted to wear patriotic apparel on May 5 – Cindo de Mayo.

Live Oak High School officials argued they banned the American flag t-shirts to prevent racial tension and keep students safe. Students at the school were permitted to wear Mexican flag shirts to school on the same day.

The First Amendment case dates back to 2010 when a Live Oaks High School principal told students to either turn their American flag shirts inside out or to change their attire. The school claimed gang problems, and both verbal and physical altercations plagued the observation of the Mexican holiday during the prior school year. Live Oak High School is located in the San Jose area.When some students allegedly told officials at the California high school that trouble could occur if their peers went ahead with plans to wear American flag shirts to class on Cinco de Mayo, the school told the patriotic teens to either turn their shirts inside out or go on home. They went home.

Even though the American flag-wearing students have since graduated. A lower federal court threw out the free speech lawsuit in December 2011. Chief Judge James Ware, who has since retired, said, “Our Constitution grants public school children only limited First Amendment rights when they enter the schoolhouse gates.”

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) law professor Eugene Volokh told the Associated Press that the lower court’s ruling in the free speech lawsuit amounted to a “heckler’s veto.” According to the First Amendment expert, school officials can and have overreacted to a perceived problem that may or may not be so disruptive that censorship is warranted. Volokh said, “The fact of the matter is that these Americans were punished for wearing the American flag at an American school.”

live oaks high school

Critics of the school’s decision are asking: Would it have made the same decision if Hispanic students wore Mexican flag T-shirts on the anniversary of the Alamo or if Muslim students wore a Middle Eastern-themed T-shirt on 9/11? The attorneys for the California students who wore American flag T-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo work for non-profit legal centers focused on politically conservative causes.

Russian Commandos Take Control of Airports in Ukraine. The Russian Invasion has begun

514023-6bb46f72-a073-11e3-b163-d60ea6e39be3 crimea-airport

Freddy’s Note:
I am really upset about this. The people of the Ukraine, just overthrew their tyrant of a dictator and it looks like they are being invaded by Russia. Unidentified armed men have seized two airports in Crimea overnight, causing Ukraine’s new interior minister to talk of “a military invasion and occupation” by Russia.  I am sure that our “Useless President” and the even more useless “United Nations” is going to do absolutely nothing why Russian invades and annexes a free country.

Russian is going to annex the Ukraine
Ukraine’s newly appointed top security official, Andriy Paruby, accused Moscow of commanding the armed groups. “These are separate groups … commanded by the Kremlin,” Paruby said in a televised briefing in Kiev.

In tandem, the Russian parliament began considering a law that would allow Moscow to add new territories to Russia in a simplified manner. There are fears that the Kremlin, unhappy with the events that led to President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing Kiev last weekend, is trying to sow unrest in the largely pro-Russian region.

Adding to the sense of alarm, the interim Ukrainian president, Oleksandr Turchynov, dismissed the head of the armed forces, Admiral Yuriy Ilin, on Friday.

Paruby, the newly appointed secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, said a state of emergency may be declared. “It is one of the options in the development of events,” he said.

This contingency would not necessarily involve the deployment of the army, he added. “We are looking for other more effective ways of localising the situation on the Crimean peninsula.”

According to Ukrainain legislation, a state of emergency can be introduced by parliament for a period of up to two months.

In Simferopol, groups of armed men arrived overnight at the main airport serving the region. They wore military fatigues with no insignia and refused to talk, though one told news agencies they were part of a self-defence unit who wanted to ensure that no “fascists” arrived in the region from Kiev.

At Sevastopol airport, a military airport that handles few commercial flights, a man who said he was a captain in the tactical aviation brigade but declined to give his name, told the Guardian there were about 300 people of unknown identity inside the airport. “We don’t consider it any invasion of our territory,” he said without elaborating.

He said the men looked like military, were wearing two different types of uniform and were armed with sniper rifles and AK-47s. “We don’t know who they are, nor where they’ve come from.”

He added that there were two large trucks inside. “They [the vehicles] looked like they could contain 50 people at a push, so how they got 300 people inside I don’t know,” he said

A Major Fidorenko, from the Ukrainian military based at the airport, said the Ukrainians had been in touch with the unknown gunmen, who said they were there “to prevent unwanted landings of helicopters and planes”.

In Kiev, the new interior minister, Arsen Avakov, wrote on Facebook: “I can only describe this as a military invasion and occupation.”

On Thursday, masked gunmen with rocket-propelled grenades and sniper rifles seized the parliament building and government offices in Simferopol. The Russian flag was raised above the parliament.

Yanukovych, who apart for a brief television interview has not been since in the week since he fled Kiev, is due to give a press conference in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on Friday afternoon. Russian government sources say they have offered “protection” to Yanukovych in Russia, though it remains unclear how he arrived in the country.

In further worrying signs for Kiev, Russia’s parliament began considering two new laws on Friday. One of them offers eased citizenship requirements for Russian-speaking Ukrainians, removing the requirement that they should have lived in Russia for an extended period, while the other makes it easier for Russia to add new territories to its existing boundaries.

The latter law, which appears to be aimed pointedly at the Crimea situation, says territories can be added by a local referendum “in the case that a foreign country does not have effective sovereign state authority”.

Sergei Aksenov, the new prime minister of Crimea, has said he does not recognise Kiev authorities and still believes Yanukovych to be the legitimate Ukrainian president.

At a roadblock on the way from Simferopol to Sevastopol, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a nationalist Russian politician, said Russia was not planning to take Crimea. However, he made it clear that the Russians still saw Yanukovych as Ukraine’s legitimate president.

“Russia will help the economic situation in the south-east. We can provide fuel and gas at a cheap price,” he said. “The [military] manoeuvres in Russia were normal, they were nothing special. Crimea should decide its future for itself. We Russians don’t want to create the impression we will take Crimea. Yanukovych is the lawful president by the constitution and the only one who can sign a decree.”

Connecticut State Police Gestapo ready to go door to door to take firearms and magazines by force

Freddy’s Note:How many times have you heard one of the anti-gunners proclaim “No one is coming for your guns”.  Well, the  Connecticut State Police Gestapo is getting ready to invade any home in Connecticut where they think they may be unregistered assault weapons or magazines.  When a reporter questioned the State Police Gestapo Spokesperson, he told the report it was “Un American” to question him on a law.  What a steaming pile of shit this freaking moron is.  Hitler would be proud of him.  Sadly, we know people are going to die when the State Police Storm Troopers start to invade the homes of anyone they suspect (meaning they could be wrong) of having unregistered weapons.

I highly suggest that any one that lives in the Nazi Occupied state of Connecticut flee the new Nazi regime and escape to the freedom we have in New Hampshire. It’s the live free or die state. And by the way, it means we will live free or the people opressing us will die.

Here is the CT State Police Nazi StormTropper Scumbag

Gun of the Week #14: Beretta 21a

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 6.17.43 PM

My Beretta 21a

Freddys Note:
Every week I feature a gun from my collection. This week it is a Beretta 21a in .25.  You can see all the previous gun of the week posts here. I bought this gun at my local favorite gun dealer a few years ago for $225.  This is the gun I carry when I need to quickly arm myself. I throw it into a pocket in a pocket holster. In the summer, when wearing a thin t-shirt and shorts, I will be carrying this gun.  I use defense ammo in this gun to increase the damage, it may incur because of the small caliber.  Note: my regular carry gun is it’s big brother, the Beretta 92FS, a former gun of the week.

The Beretta 21A Bobcat is a small pocket-sized semi-automatic pistol designed by Beretta in Italy. Production began in late 1984, solely in the Beretta U.S.A. facility in Accokeek, Maryland. It is a further development of the Beretta Model 20, whose production ended in 1985.

Beretta Bobcat 25

The Beretta 21A Bobcat is available chambered for either .22 LR or .25 ACP (6.35 mm) ammunition. It has a simple blowback operation, with a single and double action trigger mechanism, and exposed hammer. It has a magazine release button in the left side grip, located between the grip retaining screws. The frame is made out of aluminum alloy; the slide and barrel are either carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the model.  Beretta claims that the pistol is intended for off duty police and pistol carry permit holders that seek a highly concealable, but reliable pistol. Thus in effect, the handgun is designed for self defense.


Unique features
One defining feature of this pistol is the ‘tip-up’ barrel. The barrel pivots on a pin under the muzzle so that the chamber may be loaded with the slide in the closed position. It is released by a lever on the left side of the frame, above the trigger. This simplifies loading, unloading, and checking load status, as the slide can be difficult for some people to retract by hand.
Also, the Bobcat was designed without an extractor, relying on pressure from the expanding gases of the fired cartridge to simply blow spent cases from the chamber. This makes it particularly sensitive to choice of ammunition relative to dependable operation.

The weapon design creates a unique ejection path. Instead of ejecting spent brass to the side as do most semi-automatic hand guns, the Bobcat ejects the spent brass backwards and up, usually over the head of the shooter, but occasionally striking the head of the shooter or entering the front of the shooter’s shirt.

Most styles of CCI or Federal brand .22 LR high velocity cartridge work well. Many users prefer CCI’s hyper velocity Velocitor or Stinger ammunition. Federal Spitfire does not function well, as it is slightly shorter than a standard cartridge. Most brands of FMJ (full metal jacketed) ammunition function well in the .25 ACP version.

The Bobcat 21A is available in either .22 LR with 7 round magazine capacity or .25 ACP (6.35 mm) with 8 round magazine capacity. The .22 LR version is currently available in either matte black (Beretta’s “Bruniton” finish) or stainless steel (“Inox”) versions. The .25 ACP model is available in black only.

In the .22 LR “Inox” version (introduced in 2000 only the barrel and slide are stainless steel, and the alloy frame has a matte light gray Bruniton coating. The remainder of the gun is unchanged.

GreenPeace Co-Founder says Global Warming is Politics not Reality


Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate
A co-founder of Greenpeace told lawmakers there is no evidence man is contributing to climate change, and said he left the group when it became more interested in politics than the environment.

Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist and business consultant who was a member of Greenpeace from 1971-86, told members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee environmental groups like the one he helped establish use faulty computer models and scare tactics in promoting claims man-made gases are heating up the planet.

“There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years,” he said.

Even if the planet is warming up, Moore claimed it would not be calamitous for men, which he described as a “subtropical species.”

Skeptics of manmade climate change say there is no evidence the Earth is warming. A UN report on the scientific data behind global warming released in September indicated that global surface temperatures have not increased for the past 15 years, but scientists who believe climate change due to man is occurring say it has merely paused because of several factors and will soon resume.

The 2,200-page new Technical Report attributes that to a combination of several factors, including natural variability, reduced heating from the sun and the ocean acting like a “heat sink” to suck up extra warmth in the atmosphere.

Moore said he left Greenpeace in the 1980s because he believed it became more interested in politics than science.

“After 15 years in the top committee I had to leave as Greenpeace took a sharp turn to the political left, and began to adopt policies that I could not accept from my scientific perspective,” he said. “Climate change was not an issue when I abandoned Greenpeace, but it certainly is now.”

Ukrainian People Demand their own 2nd Ammendment to give Ukrainians the Right To Bear ARMS

Freddy’s Note:
I watched the situation in the Ukraine in my hotel room in Nashville TN this past week as the events in the Ukranine unfolded.  I didn’t watch one minute of the stupid olylpics. The revotion in the Ukraine was more important to me. I congradulate the Ukrainian rebels who accomplished what others thought was unthinkable. Overthrow of a bad government in favor of democracy and closer ties to the West.  Russian’s Putin may have won the day in the world of sports last week, but the Ukrainian people won a much more important thing, they won their freedom from a tyrant and his stormtroopers.

I saw this today on a Ukrainian website.

They people of the Ukrainian are demanded that their revised constitution should have their own 2nd Amendment to guarantee that the Ukrainians the Right To Bear ARMS.  Here’s the clip from their website.


Ukrainian gun owners associations official-statement

Today every citizen of Ukraine understands why our country has hundreds of thousands of policemen. Last illusions were crushed when riot police used rubber batons and boots at the Independence Square on peaceful citizens.

After such actions we realize that it is not enough to only adopt the Gun Law.

As of today Ukrainian Gun Owners Association will start to work on the preparation of amendments to the Constitution, which will provide an unconditional right for Ukrainian citizens to bear arms.

People should have the right to bear arms, which will be put in written into the Constitution.

Authorities should not and will not be stronger than its people!

Armed people are treated with respect!

Gun of the Week #13: Heckler and Koch USP .40 S&W



Every week on Wednesday, I feature a gun from my collection. This week it is a Heckler and Koch USP in .40 S&W   You can see all the previous gun of the week posts here.

I bought this gun 4 years ago from a guy in a parking lot. Came with the case, no manual and no magazines. Yeah I know, but I saw his driver’s license and his Concealed Carry Permit, so I know he was not a prohibited person. He wanted $400 and took $350.  Turns out the guy was a liar about the gun in perfect shape. Ended up putting in a new firing pin. Bought a few magazines from former Navy Seal in another parking lot for $55 and I was in business.It was still a good deal. It was one of the first guns that I concealed carried until I got the Beretta. It is the only .40 S&W gun that I have owned.

The USP (Universale Selbstladepistole or “universal self-loading pistol”) is a semi-automatic pistol developed in Germany by Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) of Oberndorf am Neckar as a replacement for the P7 series of handguns.


HK USP Compact Tactical .45 ACP equipped with a SureFire flashlight

Design work on a new family of pistols commenced in September 1989 focused primarily on the U.S. commercial and law enforcement markets. In 1991, USP prototypes participated in rigorous testing alongside H&K’s entry in the Offensive Handgun Weapon System (OHWS) program requested by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and which would later result in the Mk 23 Mod 0. The USP prototypes were then refined in 1992, based on input from the OHWS trials, and the design was finalized in December of the same year. The USP was formally introduced in January 1993with the USP40 model (the base version) chambered for the increasingly popular .40 S&W cartridge, followed soon by the USP9 (using the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge), and in May 1995—the USP45 (caliber .45 ACP).

The USP marked the first time Heckler & Koch chose to incorporate many traditional handgun design elements, such as those of John Browning’s M1911, in one pistol. Two principles guided its development—the first being the use of a molded polymer frame, and the second being the creation of a “pistol paradigm”. Heckler & Koch observed the strong points of its previous successful pistols for insight in developing the USP. Previous H&K pistol innovations include the unique squeeze-cocking mechanism of the P7, the precise roller-delayed blowback operation of the P9S, and the plastic frame and double action only trigger system used in the VP70Z. In contrast to these ambitious designs, the USP uses a Browning-style cam-locked action, similar to that developed by John Browning for use in the Hi-Power and M1911 pistols.


USP Expert .45

The USP is a semi-automatic pistol with a mechanically locked breech using the short recoil method of operation. This rather conventional lock-up system has a large rectangular lug over the barrel’s chamber that rides into and engages the ejection port cut-out in the slide. When a cartridge is fired, pressures generated by the ignited powder drive the cartridge casing back against the breech face on the slide, driving back both the barrel and slide as they remain locked together in the manner described above. After 3 mm (0.12 in) of unrestricted rearward travel, the projectile has left the barrel and gas pressures have dropped to a safe level. A shaped lug on the underside of the barrel chamber comes into contact with a hooked locking block at the end of the steel recoil spring guide rod, lowering the rear end of the barrel and stopping the barrel’s rearward movement. The recoil spring assembly is held in place by the slide stop lever’s axis pin and a round cut-out at the front of the slide. For enhanced reliability in high-dust environments, the locking surface on the front top of the barrel’s locking lug is tapered with a forward slope. This tapered surface produces a camming action which assists in positive lock-up in the presence of heavy fouling and debris. In this way, the USP shares many design features with the M1911 pistol, although apparently updated for easier operation.

One of the most significant features of the USP is the mechanical recoil reduction system. This system is incorporated into the recoil spring assembly, located below the barrel and consists of a heavy, captive coil spring around the guide rod. Designed primarily to buffer the slide and barrel and reduce recoil effects on the pistol components, the system also lowers the recoil forces felt by the shooter up to 30%. The USP recoil reduction system is insensitive to ammunition types and does not require adjustment or maintenance. It functions effectively in all USP models. Using this same recoil reduction system, one of the related H&K Mk 23 .45 ACP pistols fired more than 30,000 high pressure +P cartridges and 6,000 proof loads without damage or excessive wear to any major components. Abuse and function-testing of USPs have seen more than 20,000 rounds of .40 S&W fired without a component failure. Milspec environmental tests were conducted in high and low temperatures, in mud, immersed in water and in salt spray. In one particular test, a bullet was deliberately lodged in the barrel and another bullet was fired to clear the obstruction. The barrel was successfully cleared with only minor structural deformation and continued to produce consistent groups when test fired for accuracy.

Major metal components on both the USP and Special Operations Pistol are corrosion-resistant. Outside metal surfaces, such as the steel slide are protected by a proprietary “Hostile Environment” nitride finish. Internal metal parts, such as springs, are coated with a Dow Corning anti-corrosion chemical to reduce friction and wear.

The USP is composed of a total of 54 parts and is broken down into 7 major components for maintenance and cleaning: the barrel, slide, recoil spring, recoil spring guide rod, the frame, slide stop and magazine. This is done by retracting the slide back to align the slide stop axis pin with the disassembly notch on the left side of the slide and withdrawing the axis pin.

The USP was adopted in Germany by the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) as the P8 in 1994.The P8 has only minor differences from the standard USP model, these being translucent magazines, a reversed safety/decocker lever (on the P8, down indicates ‘safe’, and up indicates ‘fire’ — this is the opposite of the standard USP), and the ‘S’ and ‘F’ letters being printed onto the frame instead of onto the lever itself. The P8 has a traditional lands-and-grooves barrel instead of a polygonal barrel.

The P10, adopted by many German State Police forces, is in fact a USP Compact with the addition of a spurred hammer.[21] Both P8 and P10 are chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum (9 mm NATO) only.

On August 24, 2004, SIGARMS and Heckler & Koch/HK Defense won major pistol contracts with the United States Department of Homeland Security. The contract was valued at $26.2 million.n The HK pistol models chosen were the HK P2000 US, HK P2000 SK Subcompact, and the USP Compact/LEM (Law Enforcement Modification).  The LEM trigger is basically HK’s version of SIG’s DAK trigger and vice versa. According to the company, the LEM trigger allows for faster follow-up shots (repeat shots) on target than a standard double-action-only system, due to a lighter trigger pull (7.3–8.5 lbf) and shorter trigger reset than standard DAO trigger systems. The LEM trigger utilizes a two-piece “pre-cocked hammer” composed of a cocking piece and an external hammer. The hammer is pre-cocked when a round is chambered (slide is cycled). The LEM system supposedly also provides for more reliable primer ignition, since it utilizes a stronger hammer spring.

The LEM trigger can be installed on existing USP Compact pistols that were purchased before the LEM trigger came on the market—either by a certified gunsmith or by sending the pistol directly to Heckler & Koch. In addition, the USP Compact pistol can retain its external safety even with the LEM trigger—making it the only modified double-action pistol with an external safety.

MDA and MAIG Lie About Gun Deaths in Schools to FurtherTheir Gun Banning Agenda


You are more likely to die because of the bike part then the gun part

Freddy’s Note:
In the pro-gun or anti-gun debate, there is no bigger group of liars then the Mike Bloomberg sponsored Mayors Against Guns or the Mothers Demand Action groups.  Their paid spokesperson, Shannon Watts is a professional liar. They twist every store about guns to further their goal of banning all guns. Lately they have been yelling to everyone that will listen that Kids are Dying in Schools, Bla Bla,Bla. Total lies and garbage. This new study refutes their liars and says Kids are much more likely to die in a bicycle accident then by a gun.

MDA and MAIG are Liars
Responding to a recent report that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) conducted about the dangers of guns in public schools, Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox said the annual risk of gun-related death in school is “well below one in two million,” and “many times more youngsters are killed annually in bicycle accidents.”

Because of this, Fox said he “trusts [MDA and MAIG] would support a national helmet law as quickly as a gun restriction.”

According to USA Today, the report by MDA and MAIG claims “44 shootings” took place in schools since the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012. Rather than argue with that figure, Fox shows that it is “lower than two decades ago when gang violence was especially problematic at school settings.”

In other words, there is a downward trend.

And because of this trend, Fox warned that coating schools with cameras and metal detectors and practicing lockdown drills “not only fail to prevent some teenager or adult determined to wreak havoc on innocent children and their dedicated teachers, but they send the wrong and excessively scary message concerning the risk.”

Fox has been studying “mass shootings” since the 1980s. Following Sandy Hook, he said, “There is no pattern, there is no increase.” He said such attacks seem prevalent because of the amount of media attention given them.

The idiot Jesse Jackson claims semi-automatic rifles can ‘blow up railroads


Jessie Jackson is confused by snow. He then says Ban Snow, it is racist because it is white

Freddy’s Note:
I have always hated this pompous bag of wind. I really think he is the cause of some much racism in this country. Here is now showing that he really is completely ignorant when it comes to guns. This country would be a better place, if his god would call him home.

Jessie Jackson is a complete moron about guns
On Sunday, liberal activist Jesse Jackson repeated his claim that semi-automatic weapons can shoot down airplanes and said they could also “blow up railroads.”

“Semi-automatic weapons are not just about gun control, they’re about national security,” he said while appearing on Fox News.

“You know that these weapons can shoot down airplanes, they can blow up railroads. This is really a whole national security issue,” he added.

Jackson said he was okay with having a gun for the house, or a gun for hunting.

“But these semi-automatic, military-style assault weapons — they shot at the White House two years ago, so none of us are safe,” he added.

Last month, Jackson made a similar claim.

“The young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado, with the arsenal he had– he was right near the airport, right near the runways [in] Denver. He could shoot down airplanes, so this is a matter of homeland security as well,” he said.

That claim, The Blaze said, was called “laughable” by a former CIA officer.

“I just read the Jesse Jackson quote and quite frankly it’s laughable,” said Jason Hanson, author of​ “The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry​.”

“It’s clear Rev. Jackson doesn’t know the first thing about rifles and guns in general. It’s like me making a comment about quilting, something I know absolutely nothing about,” he added. “With the type of rifle that James Holmes had it would be impossible to shoot down a plane. Okay, nothing is impossible, but it would be as likely as aliens knocking on my front door tomorrow.”

Chris Gahr, who assisted in aircraft investigations while in the Marine Corps, told the Blaze that one would “have a better chance of being hit by lightning while winning the lottery than bringing down a commercial airliner with the weapons that [accused Aurora, Colorado shooter James] Holmes carried.”