Why living a state that hates guns is not a good idea #1 of a new series


Freddy’s Note:
I was born in Everett Mass and lived there with my parents until we escaped the hell hole that is Massachusetts when I was 7 years old.
I try to not to go in Massachusetts because I can’t carry a concealed gun. And of all the places I go, Massachusetts is the place where I probably would need a gun the most.  You see even though I have a NH permit to carry a concealed weapon and a Federal Firearms License issued by the ATF, if I am caught with a single spent bullet case in Massachusetts, they will try and put me in jail.

If I go down once a year to have a personal interview with the Massachusetts State Police, and pay $100 and wait a 4 to 6 months, they will give me a permit that I can carry a unloaded gun in locked box, in my trunk, while driving through Massachusetts.  That’s bullshit.
Only 13% of Massachusetts residents have a permit to carry a gun. The police chief in each town determines what people need to get a license. Some cities like the People’s Republic of Cambridge, the most socialist city in the country, refuses to issue them at all. Massachuetts state law says they must deny or issue a permit within 90 days of the application.  It is currently taking as long as a year, even for renewals.  To fix the problem, mass lawmakers are filing a bill to extend the time the state has to issue the license to 1 year.  Basically the state is slow walking the permits,  In NH the  law says 14 days or you can sue the local police chief for damages, It took me 4 days. There are no excuse for permits in Mass to be talking that long.

The State of Massachusetts hates guns and is even considered more draconian gun laws as a result of Sandy Hook,.  Yes it takes forever to get anything done in the Massachusetts house and senate because they are the most corrupt group of politicians in the world. Massachusetts is the land of getting your family high pay jobs which they don’t have to show up to get paid.  It’s who you know in Massachusetts. And remember any one time, Whitey Bulger, the mass murder was running the crime syndicates in Boston. Whitey’s friend was the head of the Boston FBI office and Whitey’s Brother Billy was president of the senate where he ruled with a iron fist. A State Police captain was tried to arrest Whitey, several days later, in a midnight voice of the senate, he was transferred to the middle of nowhere. This state police captain took his life soon after. This is the place where the Big Dig Construction Project ran 15 billion dollars over the initial cost because of the graft and bribery of everyone involved. Where the state executive in-charge of the project, lied to the federal government for years that the project was on budget. He did not go to jail.

This store clerk would have really liked to have a gun yesterday to project himself.  But most people can’t have one in Massachusetts, because the government hates guns. Yet most of the state legislators do have gun permits.

He Could Have Used a Gun

EVERETT  – A clerk is expected to recover after he was shot during a robbery attempt at a store late Monday night.

Two men entered Neighborhood Convenience on Main Street around 9:30 p.m., a half-hour before closing time.

One clerk was shot several times and another employee was reportedly beaten up.

The two men escaped, but witnesses told WBZ-TV a security camera caught the attack on video.

The clerk was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with gunshot wounds to the stomach and the back.

His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

A witness told WBZ he saw the clerk come out of the store with his hand over his chest but that he walked into the ambulance.

A neighbor told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 the victim is a 67-year-old man from Bangladesh.  He is the uncle of the store owner.

His name has not been released.

No other information is available at this point in the investigation.

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