Ukrainian People Demand their own 2nd Ammendment to give Ukrainians the Right To Bear ARMS

Freddy’s Note:
I watched the situation in the Ukraine in my hotel room in Nashville TN this past week as the events in the Ukranine unfolded.  I didn’t watch one minute of the stupid olylpics. The revotion in the Ukraine was more important to me. I congradulate the Ukrainian rebels who accomplished what others thought was unthinkable. Overthrow of a bad government in favor of democracy and closer ties to the West.  Russian’s Putin may have won the day in the world of sports last week, but the Ukrainian people won a much more important thing, they won their freedom from a tyrant and his stormtroopers.

I saw this today on a Ukrainian website.

They people of the Ukrainian are demanded that their revised constitution should have their own 2nd Amendment to guarantee that the Ukrainians the Right To Bear ARMS.  Here’s the clip from their website.


Ukrainian gun owners associations official-statement

Today every citizen of Ukraine understands why our country has hundreds of thousands of policemen. Last illusions were crushed when riot police used rubber batons and boots at the Independence Square on peaceful citizens.

After such actions we realize that it is not enough to only adopt the Gun Law.

As of today Ukrainian Gun Owners Association will start to work on the preparation of amendments to the Constitution, which will provide an unconditional right for Ukrainian citizens to bear arms.

People should have the right to bear arms, which will be put in written into the Constitution.

Authorities should not and will not be stronger than its people!

Armed people are treated with respect!

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian People Demand their own 2nd Ammendment to give Ukrainians the Right To Bear ARMS

  1. Yes. And the same for Russian people. But, regretfully, I am not shure the interum government relies on people, not on existing opression police mechanism.

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