Some punk tried to steal one of my cars last night….

car_thief1Someone tried to steal one of my cars last night.  My wife surprised the criminal  in our driveway.  It was really pouring heavy rain last night.  Not the best time to steal a small convertible car.

My wife was going out to her car and there was someone in my little car.  The man in a black hoodie got out of the car and ran up the street.  My wife came back inside and yelled to me.

My son and I grabbed a few guns and went after the punk.  He must have had a partner up up the street in a car. Because we searched the neighbor for a while and couldn’t find anyone

I put the antique car in the garage turned on all the exterior floodlights and we waited to see if they came back.  Unfortunately, the punk did not.  My son was carrying a Beretta and his Colt 1911 and I had my Beretta 92fs and my UZI.

There is a security light out in the driveway that I will be fixing today. I live in a Stand your Ground, and Home is your Castle state. If the guy comes back, he may not get to chance to leave my property again. We will be ready and prepared.


I was reading the Nashua Telegraph Website today and saw this report. Which was posted shortly after we chased away the car thief.


We were driving around this area looking for the car thief.  I wonder if the Blue Acura had the car thief and his partner in it? Well they may have been armed.  Well, I had my UZI that I built and documented on this web site.  Plus 3 other hand guns between us, I think we could have outgunned them if they had confronted us.

5 thoughts on “Some punk tried to steal one of my cars last night….

  1. Once off of your property, check what your laws are as you never had sight of the perpetrator. Until otherwise, what you probably have is a simple trespass. Car is not a premise or dwelling, and no burglary. Unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, but what damage was there? Picked the lock? No burglary tools left at the scene. Criminal possession of a hoodie?

    • I know. If I caught him on my property, I could have tried to hold him there until police arrived. But since we lost of site of him, it would have not been a case.
      I don’t lock the convertible, because it is hard to get new windows for a 37 year old car and convertible tops are expensive. But I feel better know that we armed when we went to look for him because he might be related to the shots fired incident that happened 1/4 mile from my house last night.

      The antique convertible is usually in the garage. I just was lazy last night. It is going to stay in the garage and I am going to fix the security light that is out in the driveway.

      • Find out what the auto theft situation is in your community. Then contact online the IAATI (International Auto Theft Investigators), I used to belong to them years ago and they had me on the cutting edge when I was doing Auto Crimes investigations. The insurance companies fund investigators and law enforcement to curtail losses associated with motor vehicle theft. I even recovered three stolen bulldozers (Cat D-6/Cat 977/Cat 966). Their investigators if like they were years ago, would most likely have a trap car. Locks doors, cameras, cuts ignition. Maybe police would cooperate.

      • A lot of crime in Southern NH comes from Massachusetts. The whole state is just full of criminals, Including most of the government officials.
        They come up rob stuff out of cars and head back for the 10 minute ride back to Mass. We have had people ripping off cars in the neighborhood before and the Nashua Police caught them and put them away. Must be new group. We have a very good police department here. And a pretty high conviction rate. New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state.

  2. Petty theft from motor vehicles would be one thing.
    Grand Larceny Auto, or Criminal Possession of Stolen Property/Motor Vehicle, is another.
    Put some political pressure on the police to have plainclothes officers in a non-descript car patrolling.

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