Finally Got Heat Shield for my Semi-Automatic UZI Carbine


It took me about 10 months, but I finally got the Heat Shield that I wanted for my UZI build through Title Arms.  It is worth every penny. I still plan to get the SBR so I can put the original sized UZI barrel on it. But until then I have this.


At the gun range with the UZI with Heat Shield in it’s violin case

I wrote an article here about building your own semi automatic UZI.  It has the 16inch barrel, because I have yet to SBR it and use the full auto length barrel. It looks strange. So I found the Title Arms page around a year ago.  It took me several emails and 10 months before it was finally in stock. I ordered it and it arrived a few days later.  It looks like a real silencer.  It is not. It is only a heat shield. It gives the UZI a much better look. Price is around $140 plus shipping. They have several other types of heat shields and also metal folding stock at

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