UnArmed in Southern California


Christmas at Disneyland

I have been away for a while and unable to update. This is will change immediately.  I have been in Southern California for the last week.  I get to go home  back East in Two days.  I have seen crime and many car accidents, and gangs  while I have been here.  Which is an issue because I also am completely unarmed. Because California.


The Set of The Big Bang Theory at Warner Brother’s Lot

Just because I am pro gun guy doesn’t mean I don’t do tourist stuff.  I did not work over the weekend,so on Saturday I went to Disneyland and yesterday I took the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour.  I could have easier have brought a concealed weapon to Disneyland.  They only check bags.  If lived here and had a permit, I would have concealed carried at Disneyland. Warner Brother Studio had a mental detector though. That would have been a no-go.


Many of the Batman Cowls from all the Movies at the Warner Brother’s Museum

Going back to the cold boring New Hampshire in a few days, will be back for Thanksgiving.

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