Ferguson Burns

Professional Protesters, meaning, Criminals, looters, and Terrorists have been in Ferguson MO for 30 days waiting for their magic moment.  It doesn’t matter what the decision was going to be. There was a list of buildings and stores to be attacked and burned.

This was never about justice.

This about about using the grand jury decision as an excuse to commit crimes and destruction.  Real Protesters would not be burning down minority businesses or property.  And of course, these punks were supported by comments from the biggest punk of them all, President Obama.  His comments encouraged this. He is to blame from the beginning. His comments were always supporting the would be police officer murderer, Michael Brown. Representatives from the white house went to Michael Brown’s funeral.  Have white house staff gone to any police officer’s funerals in the last few years, I think not.


Row of Cars burns because there is no justice

Martial Law

The only way to stop such events in the future would be to use helicopters and high tech weaponry to shot all these terrorists on site as they commit the crimes. Kill these criminals and maybe some punk will give a second thought to committing anarchy next time. Society will not miss these useless thugs and punks.  Law enforcement should have killed them all.

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