Building a Secure Gun Room

I started collecting guns a few years ago without a proper place to put them.  I ended up with guns and equipment everywhere. Now I don’t have young kids, so that was not a problem.  But it bothered me, So I decided to use some extra space in my basement and build a gun room.

It’s not that big.  I only had about 12 feet by 8 feed available in a part of the basement.  The rest of the basement is finished. My office is right across from where the gun room would be.  I teach courses over the internet there, when I am not on the road.

There is one window that will have to be secured


Framing up

during the process.  I decided to use wooden framing components.  Some cities make you use aluminum or metal.  Now I have built walls and done wallboard before.  I have already finished the rest of the basement, so pretty much now what I was doing.

I decided to use a 1 inch 4X8 plywood inside the walls.  I then bought metal sheets and screwed the metal sheets into the plywood. Then hung wallboard up.  I did this to make the room more secure. My dog has chewed his way through a wallboard wall once and it doesn’t take much to kick your way through wallboard. These walls are strong. It will take a lot of time and effort to get those these walls. And it the time it takes a thief to do that. I would have noticed and shot him repeatedly.

Then I thought about what I wanted for the walls of the gun room. Many people use that cheap white peg board, which I just think looks terrible. I was looking at Home Depot’s website when I found stanless steel metal pegboard.  It was not that expensive.  I ordered a few sections. They come in 2 feet by 4 feet and I liked the look.  So one whole wall was covered with this pegboard. It looks great.

Then I was looking around and found a pre-built small worktable at the local home depot. It was around $60 on sale. This would be the place I work on and clean guns.

I decided that I wanted the ability to use the internet in the gun room and bought a 32 inch flatscreen monitor and attached it to the wall facing the pegboard. Right above where the workbench is now.  The TV has You-tube and Netflix built into it. So I can watch gun building videos or watch movies without a computer. The workbench shelf stores boxes and other components. And there is a Xbox here in case of emergencies.


The bought some shelves for the ledge next to the window and I store magazines and holsters in these shelves.IMG_6593

For ammo storage, I bought two large ammo storage boxes at a flex market.

Instead of using hooks to hang the guns, I used peg board accessories designed to hold garden tools.  They work better then standard pegboard hooks.

Lastly, I installed track lighting pointing at the wall of guns.  I installed a sub floor and carpeting.  And I got a metal security door and two locks. One with a key. One with a combination.  The door has re-enforcement so some cannot use brute force to the door to get in.  Lastly, I installed Cast Iron metal security grades over the windows in by basement. Both the gun room and my office next door, to make the basement more secure.

Now my whole collection is on display.  I have a room to work on guns and hang out in.


panoramic photo


Some of the pistols


Some of the rifles


For those that notice details.  The rocket is a training rocket that was already fired and legal to own. The rocket launcher tube is empty. Also legal to own. Since I did all the work, it was relatively cheap at around $1200 complete.  If you can’t do your own framing, drywall, and electric, it would probably cost three times that price.

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