If you love old WarBirds, Visit Warbird Adventures in Kissimmee Florida

Getting Ready

Getting ready to fly

I know that most of my posts are complaining about something, So I am taking a break from complaining to talking about a great time we had recently during the Florida trip. During my recent trip to Florida, I visited WarBird Adventures in Kissimmee Florida. They are located at the  just 10 minutes from Disney World at Kissimmee Gateway Airport 233 N. Hoagland Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34741, USA.  http://www.warbirdadventures.com.  The people here are very friendly and a nice group of people.


They normally have 2 of their fleet of Texans ready to fly. More in the busy season.

At WarBird Adventures you get to fly in the premier Flighter-Trainer of WWII, the North American T-6 Texan. You are teamed with a pilot/instructor who will let you fly the aircraft.  If you want fly straight  no problem. If you want to do “Gentleman’s Aerobatics, that’s fine too.  You do not have to be a pilot. But If you are a pilot, like my associate, you will control the airplane 90% of the time, and my friend did aerobatics in this plane. They can record your flight in video. They have 3 cameras in the plane. They sell the DVD for $60 for a 60 minute flight. They can also take still photos like the one underneath this line.


Upside down

While you are there you might see their P-51 Mustang “Precious Metal”  which will represent Florida at the National Championship Air Races in Nevada.


The P-51 Mustang named “Precious Metal”

Inside the Museum

Inside the Museum

While you are at WarBird Adventures check out their Kissimmee Air Museum. Partial list of the aircraft in the museum are below:

  • Boeing N2S-5 “Stearman”
  • Boeing PT-17 “Kaydet” Project
  • Cassutt III
  • Cessna L-19 “Bird Dog”
  • Fouga “Magister” CM.170
  • Grumman S2-F “Tracker”
  • Hiller OH-23 “Raven”
  • Molt Taylor “Aerocar”
  • PZL TS-11 “Iskra”

The museum is $10. But if you ride a plane, they don’t charge you for the museum.

Texan rides range from $250 for a 10 minute flight to $740 for a 60 minute flight.  This is actual time flying. from take off to landing. They do not charge for taxiing or warming up the aircraft.

If you are in Florida, and have the cash, stop by for a Once in Lifetime experience.



Travel Story: Food Tates better when it comes from other places

This is my last post from Denmark. Heading back to the US tomorrow


Food tastes better when it comes from other places

Back in the USA, There is a type pastry that are very good to have for breakfast.  We call them Danish Pastries.

Danish pastry, or simply Danish, is a sweet pastry which has become a specialty of Denmark and the neighboring Scandinavian countries and is popular throughout the  world

I have been in Denmark 4 days and I haven’t sent even one thing that I would consider to be a Danish.  Why do we eat these things called “Danish”.  They are yummy.  But I don’t get why the people in Denmark don’t seem to eat them for breakfast.  Why do we call them Danish in the US?


Is this a marketing concept?.  For example The Texas Road House was founded in Indiana. Up in Canada the most well know Pizza place is Boston Pizza.  Well here in the US, Chicago and New York have reputations for good Pizza.  Boston is home of the Beans, Lobsters, Fish, Claims, but not pizza.  I went to a Boston Pizza in Quebec City Canada, a few months ago and the pizza really was awful.

I looked up Boston Pizza on Wikipedia and found there is a US version of Boston Pizza.
It is called” Boston’s the Gourmet Pizza” the US chain is based and founded in Dallas Texas.

Of course it is.

Travel Story: Denmark Part 2


I am not sure what is happening in this picture

Strange Happenings in Denmark

Next to my hotel and the soccer stadium is a soccer shop. Now I am guessing the player on the left side is a legendary
player every looks up to. And the new guy on the right, probably made a bunch of mistakes that cost his team to lose, so they took his legs away from him.

So it turns out cars are very expensive here because the government imposes a tax that is sometimes 2.5 times the price of the car, because they want people to ride bikes instead.  There is no danish car company or Danish autoworkers to complain.  Remember Denmark is mostly known for pastries. I am told that a $22,000 Mini Cooper would probably cost over $100,000 after taxes.  That seems insane.  I hope Obama never goes to Denmark, we don’t need him thinking up new ways as he continues to destroy the US economy with Green legislation that will kill any rebound in the economy.   And by the way, it is really cold here.  Around 10-15 degrees colder then normal.  Forget Global Warming, it’s time to change to Global Cooling.


statue in front of the soccer stadium/hotel

No, I have no idea what the hell that thing is.  It is outside the Hotel I am staying in.

Debit Cards in Europe.
If you come to Europe, bring cash because you US ATM/Check, Debit Card will not work in most if not all stores in Europe.

And if you do come, bring plenty of underwear, because if you go to a local store to buy some, you will nearly faint when you pay 600 Danish Kroners ( approx $85) to buy a 3 pairs  and they are strange underwear.  Just take my word for it.



Tourism Sign inside the Reykjavik Airport

Recently this blog has had a lot of posts about guns and politics.  I am in Denmark this week, so, we will have some travel stories as well.

Rather then Complaining about something, I am reporting on my trip to Denmark with a layover  at the Iceland Airport.


ICELANDAIR turned to be a pretty decent airline.  AC power at every seat. Touchscreen entertainment systems with USB ports to power your devices were also at every seat.  I would have loved to get out the Air Port in Reykjavik Iceland to explore Iceland, but it was not to be this time.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.55.46 PM

sunrise at the airport in Iceland

I arrived at 6am to see sunrise at the Reykjavik  airport.  Iceland is 4 hours ahead of Boston time where I left the US.

After hanging around and looking in the shops for two hours, it was on to Denmark where i arrived at 1pm local , which is 6 hours ahead of Boston time.

I don’t usually exchange money when I travel overseas, I found the cheapest, easiest way to get local cash is through a ATM.  Usually any bank fees are lower then the Money Exchangers in airports, plus you get a better exchange.  Always have an idea of the exchange rate though.
I really had no idea of how much money, I was getting out of the ATM in Danish Kroners.
I ended up taking 600 Kroner, which I later found out was $120  US dollars.  Not knowing the exchange rate, could lead one to accidentally empty their bank account back home, if you take out way to much due to Exchange Rate confusion.  I have been here one day now, and I have not spent any cash.  I might end up spending the $600 DK I have on shopping at the airport on the way home.

Driving is on the right hand side of the Road, just like back at home, so driving here is less of an adventure then the UK.(Where they drive on the wrong side of the road).  Following the GPS, I got to the training center by 2:30 and spent a few hours setting up the class.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.55.55 PM
The local hosts, booked my hotel and I am staying at the Farum Point Sports and Conference Center.  Which basically is a huge Soccer, Event Stadium and home of one of the Denmark Soccer teams..  Here is the view outside my room window, and a view from inside the stadium.
This place is pretty dead on a Monday night.  I am sure this place will be jammed pack when there is a game.

I ate dinner at the cafe instead the hotel last night. The food was strange but good.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.55.32 PM

Steak Kabobs, Break really big hot dogs.  Ribs, and Pork. I lived the food much better then when I was in the Netherlands two years ago.  The giant picture of the Girl in Blue covering one of the walls in the Cage was a little strange in the decor department,It is like she is staring at you as you eat.  Tomorrow I have to teach a class, and I might get to see a little more of Denmark tomorrow night.

Visit to GunSmoke in Denver Colorado. The shop from American Guns TV program

Recently, I was in Denver Colorado for a week, and I traveled to the gunstore Gunsmoke. Gunsmoke was featured in two seasons of the show American Guns on the Discovery Channel. It was unfortunately canceled by Discover in the wake of the Newtown Shootings.

The store is located in Wheat Ridge, a suburb of Denver on a busy secondary road.
The retail store is relatively small. They have two large glass counters filled with guns. Guns on the walls, and a room filled with collectable guns.  The selection was good. The prices were good. One thing they did not carry was Ar-15s or gunparts.  The gunsmiths sections are located in the basement and other parts of the building that were off limits to the public.  They also had tons of Gunsmoke Labled items for tourists who were fans of the TV show.  I bought a hat for myself and a Gunsmoke Teeshirt and Mouse pad for my son.

gunsinside copy



Cannon they built during one of the American Gun Episodes

All the people I met at Gunsmoke were very friendly and helpful. At first, the only person I recognized from the American Guns show was Rich Wyatt — Founder/Owner, Firearms Instructor. He is amazingly tall around 6′ 6″ and literately stands above the crowd.

Unlike other people on TV, I have met, Rich was very friendly and would pose for photos with anyone and also autograph anything.  I bought a American Gun’s mouse pad and he autographed it for son.  He later posed for a picture with me.  And then he and several of the gunsmiths from the show, actually recorded a Merry Christmas Video message for my son, who loves the program. Actually calling my son my name in the video.

I met and hung out with Brian Meidal – Head Gunsmith and Gary — Gunsmith and Builder.During the course of the two episodes, the TV show made it seem like another gunsmith Scott was the biggest jerk in the universe. Brian told me that the TV show was not completey real. The show played up tension between Scott and the other gunsmiths. In fact many of the builds portrayed in the show, were not really for customers.  They had customers come in and ask for a rifle to be built or customized and many times for the build that was to be featured during that week. Also the pricing for the builds were made up and ad-libed, so money was not really exchanged for some of the builds. And Gunsmoke kept the result of the build. There was a cannon that they supposed build for a customer, in the corner of the showroom.

They were still open when I was there, but they have had some issues recently. There was a breakin where guns where stolen. And owner Rich and GunSmoke were audited recently by the IRS, It seems that Rich and GunSmoke had not paid taxes for some time.   And they always flashed huge sums of cash on the TV show when they were buying guns.  Whoops. Rich and Guns were really nice people, and I wish them luck with the IRS.


Since I am an semi-international Man of Mystery, I have blocked my face in the above photo.


Travel Story: Protest in Buenos Aires

191642_4580723879972_567457591_o 257117_4580733240206_2055855722_o 614998_4580730000125_1808432693_o
I was teaching a course for a big company. The gig was for 3 weeks. Two weeks in Houston Texas, and a week in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Never been to South American, before so  It was a treat.

I was teaching on a second floor of one of their main streets.  Cinco de Mayo. Or the 5th of May.  The first several days were quit, but the third day, a giant protest suddenly manifested itself in the street outside the building. Hundreds of People, beating drums, waving flags. A speaker on a flat bed truck with a giant sound system.  They had their 1.5 hour protest and marched to the government buildings down the street.  I thought was great entertainment. The people at the training center, told me that it happens almost every week. People spend all their time protesting instead of being an political activist for their causes.  The Buenos Aires Government does not mind the protests. It would rather see protests then real political activism.

Trying to Order McNuggets in Buenos Aires.


Another funny store about Buenos Aires.  I have traveled many times to Europe on business, and maybe I have been spoiled by the fact that many Europeans Speak English (Not counting rude people in France).
I also took 2 years of spanish in Highschool and 2 years in College. Sure I haven’t never used that much to talk to anyone in Espanol, but I can still read it pretty well.

I tried to go to several big cafe in downtown Buenos Aires and had communication problems with the staff there.  In Denmark, most of the resterrants have big menus with pictures of all the food, so you can just point at what you want.  No so in Buenos Aires.  After having some issues, I ate most of my meals in the English owned hotel. (Actual English people on staff).

So i was really hungry one lunch time, so I wanted across the street to McDonalds.

I waited in line and when I got to the counter. I pointed at the giant picture of a box of McNuggets and said. “Tengo Diaz Nuggets .” or I want 10 Nuggets (in English).  The woman looked at me like I was crazy. I said English? and she shook her head. I asked the other workers.  No one responded.  I pointed again at the giant McNuggets  and when she starting yelling at me, I slowly exited the situation.

5 Hours later, I try again at a different McDonalds near my hotel.  Same result. Was I being punked by rude McDonald’s workers or was there really a communication issue.  Well, I looked up the word for McNugget in Spanish.  It is McNugget. So I think they just didn’t like American’s buying South American McNuggets.