NAGR presents the Four Rules of Gun Safety


Freddy’s Note:  I was at the gun range today with my son and his friend.  There are two ranges at the range. One for members and one for the general public.  One of the benefits of the member range is that you almost never get shot.  At the public range, you see all 4 of these rules broken all the time.  There is one range officer and 9 lanes, so he can’t always get to all the offenders. At the public range, last year, someone accidentally shot the smoke detector and the sprinklers were turned on.  The smoke detector is 12 feet off the ground, approximately 15 feet behind the firing line.  That’s why I am a member. Members tend to be people who know what they are doing and don’t shoot the other people using the member range.

This is always worth watching for new people or a quick refresher.

From the National Association for Gun Rights NAFG