Why I need a gun : in my Home AK-Special Edition – a continuing series

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Freddy’s Note:
Here again, an answer to the question why do you need a gun at home. I really like the fact that he used a ak-47 to defend himself and shoot the bad guys.

Man Shot and Killed in Davie Home Invasion

Two home invasion suspects are on the run and a third was shot and killed by a Davie resident Thursday night, police said.

The incident happened at a home on the 6100 block of Southwest 48th Street, Davie Police spokesman Capt. Dale Engle said.

Three armed men entered the apartment and pistol-whipped the resident inside, police said. He then confronted the suspects.

“The resident of the apartment had possession of an AK-47 and after he received this beating he was able to get possession or control of that, and started shooting at these suspects as they were fleeing,” Engle said.

He received significant injuries but was later released from a hospital, Engle said.

The shooter was also taken in for questioning but has since been released. He is cooperating with detectives, Engle said.

Police have not released the identities of the four men involved, but said they knew each other.

Happy New Year/Year End Review


We had a good year.. well it was only two months ago that I started this blog. Thanks everyone for visiting and commenting on the articles here or on one of the social media’s sites that we publish to.

Gun Owners had a good year for most part unless you live in California, New York or CT. If you live in one of these Police States, then I recommend you move.

The rest of America lost more freedoms as Obama continues to convert Americna into a Police State. Here’s hoping that American’s will wake-up in 2014.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year.  If you are going out and not drinking, it might be a good night make sure that you are carrying tonight.  There will probably be many  Drunk maniacs out on New Years Eve. Stay Stafe


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See you next year.


Obituary: Mikhail Kalashnikov


Freddy’s Note: I am a AK guy more than I am a AR guy although I have 3 of each.  I am sad to report that the creator of the AK Mikhail Kalashnikov has died. I offer condolences  to his family.  Mr. Kalashnikov weapons did change the world.

Mikhail Kalashnikov Dead

Mikhail Kalashnikov developed the AK47 to match the firepower of German weapons Mikhail Kalashnikov’s automatic rifle became one of the most familiar weapons on the planet.

It was employed by the armies of dozens of countries, and incorporated in several national flags.

But the AK47 also became a symbol of revolution around the world. It saw action on battlefields as diverse as Angola, Vietnam, Algeria and Afghanistan.

It was also heavily utilized by Palestinian groups and famously appeared in the hands of Osama bin Laden.

It’s comparative simplicity made it cheap to manufacture as well as reliable and easy to maintain in the field. It became the most widely used assault rifle in the world.

Yet Kalashnikov, although honored in Russia, made very little money from his gun and once complained he would have been financially better off designing a lawnmower.


Mikhail Kalashnikov was born on 10 November 1919 into a Russian peasant family in the village of Kurya, Altai Territory. He was one of 18 children, of whom only six survived.

He was called up by the Red Army in 1938, and his design skills were used to improve the effectiveness of arms and equipment used in Soviet tank regiments.

It was after he was wounded in October 1941, when the tank he commanded was struck by a German shell, that Kalashnikov began to design the firearm that was to make his name famous.

An estimated 100 million Kalashnikov rifles have been produced
The German army had pioneered the concept of an assault rifle, a weapon that combined the accuracy of a conventional rifle with the firepower of a sub-machine gun.


Russian troops frequently found themselves outgunned by German weapons which were far superior to those available to the Soviet army.

While he was in hospital he was approached by a fellow soldier who asked why the Russian army could not come up with a gun that would match that of the Germans.

“So I designed a machine gun for a soldier,” he said. “It was called an Avtomat Kalashnikova, the automatic weapon of Kalashnikov.”

There were teething problems with early prototypes but in 1947 he completed the Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947, the name quickly shortened to AK47.

The new rifle was adopted by the Soviet army in 1949 and Senior Sergeant Mikhail Timofeevitch Kalashnikov was awarded the Stalin Prize First Class.

It was just one of many awards he was to be given, among them three Orders of Lenin and the Hero of Socialist Labour.

A man reaches for an AK47 assault rifle during a fishing expedition on Lake Turkana  in north-western Kenya October 13
The AK47 is used all over the world, in war and peace
In 1987 he was made an honourable citizen of Izhevsk, where he had lived and worked from 1949. On his 75th birthday, he was promoted to Major-General by President Boris Yeltsin.

However the simplicity of his weapon meant that he failed to gain much financial benefit from his invention.

Dozens of arms manufacturers in other countries found the AK47 very easy to copy and few paid any royalties because of a dispute over patents.

But late in life – when he was 83 – Kalashnikov was reported to have acquired a 30% share of a German company in exchange for the use of his name for products including Kalashnikov umbrellas and mineral water.

But it is the AK47 which guarantees that his name will be remembered.

Mikhail Kalashnikov refused to accept any responsibility for the many people killed with the weapon.

“My aim was to create armaments to protect the borders of my motherland,” he said.

“It is not my fault that the Kalashnikov was used in many troubled places. I think the policies of these countries are to blame, not the designers.”

Gun of the week #5: Romanian SAR-3


I have been using more historic guns in this weekly series, this week, I picked a more modern guy. This is a strange gun and I got it really cheap because potential buyers were confused by the stock and the caliber.  I bought this a year ago on the night that New Town shootings happened. I was already going to this giant new gun store that had just recently opened to pickup a Ar-15 stripped receiver that I had ordered and I saw this in the racks with the other guns for $399.  It had a FAL like folding stock and it said .5.56/.223 caliber on the side of the gun.


I had never heard of a AK that used .556/.223caliber before and neither had the salesman, so I did some quick research on it and figured out that $399 was a good price.

The Romanian SAR series of rifles was imported in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Much like the MAK-90, they can take double stack mags, but do not have the threaded muzzle or bayonet lug. Imported by Century, SARs had a US pistol grip, US piston, and US trigger group installed to make them 922r compliant. They come in three calibers, 7.62×39, 5.45×39, and 5.56×45 in the SAR1, SAR2, and SAR3 respectively. These rifles are generally well thought of, and are often good shooters. They say that Fit and finish are often less than perfect as is common with Romanian guns, but this gun looks and shoots fine.


The main issue with these guns, tends to be the magazines, which are usually modified from some other gun for use with this gun. The magazines are hard to find. You just can’t use a standard AK or AR mag.  I have two Bulgarian Circle 10 plastic mags which work most of the time, and I bought two German Weiger metal magazines, which tend to work 100% of the time.

The stock is aftermarket and just looks strange on the gun. I bought another type of stock but I have never got around to installing it.  The guns shoots really well and confuses people on the range when they ask me if it is  an Ak-47 or AK-74 and I tell them no, it’s a SAR-3.

I usually joke about this gun, telling people it is the most evil rifle out there, because it as a AK that shoot AR caliber bullets.  It’s been a year, and while I do like the gun, I am not sure if I am going to keep it. I waver back and forth about keeping it or selling it to fund a new purchase.

Happy Birthday Mr. Kalashnikov


Happy recent 94th Birthday to Mikhail Kalashnikov. Inventor of the AK-47. I understand he is very ill in the hospital right now. Get Well soon Mikhail.

The AK-47 and it’s variants including the Ak-74 and many many clones are the most mass produced gun in the history of the earth. Plus you can take the AK in dirt,sand, water, oil, and snow and the gun will work just fine.


Top Ak-47
Middle Ak-74
Bottom Sar-3

The AK’s are some of my favorite guns in the world.  I own a Romanian Ak-47, a Bulgarian Ak-74, and really strange but cool Romanian Sar-3. The Sar3 looks like an AK but shoots the .223 round that Ar-15’s use. The picture above is my 3 Ak’s on display in my gun room.