Court Rules California School Had Right To Ban US Flag T-Shirts


Freddy’s Note:
This is American right? So why did a court rules that it is ok to ban shirts that have the American Flag and let students wear the Mexican Flag Instead?  This is insane. These judges and school officials should have their citizenship/green cards revoked and forcibly deported to Mexico.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are a bunch of clueless morons that hate America.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that a California school had the right to prohibit students from wearing American flag t-shirts and infringe upon the First Amendment rights of students. A small group of students opted to wear patriotic apparel on May 5 – Cindo de Mayo.

Live Oak High School officials argued they banned the American flag t-shirts to prevent racial tension and keep students safe. Students at the school were permitted to wear Mexican flag shirts to school on the same day.

The First Amendment case dates back to 2010 when a Live Oaks High School principal told students to either turn their American flag shirts inside out or to change their attire. The school claimed gang problems, and both verbal and physical altercations plagued the observation of the Mexican holiday during the prior school year. Live Oak High School is located in the San Jose area.When some students allegedly told officials at the California high school that trouble could occur if their peers went ahead with plans to wear American flag shirts to class on Cinco de Mayo, the school told the patriotic teens to either turn their shirts inside out or go on home. They went home.

Even though the American flag-wearing students have since graduated. A lower federal court threw out the free speech lawsuit in December 2011. Chief Judge James Ware, who has since retired, said, “Our Constitution grants public school children only limited First Amendment rights when they enter the schoolhouse gates.”

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) law professor Eugene Volokh told the Associated Press that the lower court’s ruling in the free speech lawsuit amounted to a “heckler’s veto.” According to the First Amendment expert, school officials can and have overreacted to a perceived problem that may or may not be so disruptive that censorship is warranted. Volokh said, “The fact of the matter is that these Americans were punished for wearing the American flag at an American school.”

live oaks high school

Critics of the school’s decision are asking: Would it have made the same decision if Hispanic students wore Mexican flag T-shirts on the anniversary of the Alamo or if Muslim students wore a Middle Eastern-themed T-shirt on 9/11? The attorneys for the California students who wore American flag T-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo work for non-profit legal centers focused on politically conservative causes.