Morons, Psychopaths and Politicians


The killer in his car. Ironically, I own this same car.

After the slaughter is Isla Vista last weekend, all the same anti-gun people are making the same tired old calls for gun control.  Are these people even paying attention?

I will not use the name of the killer, I just will refer to him as the killer.  The killer lived in one of the most strict gun control states in the country, California.  All existing Assault weapons were registered and No New assault weapons are allowed. You can only buy one gun a month.  The killer bought three handguns over a three month period.  He passed 3 background checks. Use used 10 round magazines because only 10 round mags are allowed.  He had 41 10 round mags in his car.

Before he even used his gun, he killed three with a knife and hit a whole bunch of people with his car.

How the hell is this a gun control issue?

The MDA and Bloomberg anti-guns Nazi’s like California.  They want California laws everywhere.  Well this case proves that strict gun control will not prevent these types of shootings. GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK.

Various liberals and anti-gun organizations are calling for more gun control laws.  WHY all the laws they want were in EFFECT in CA and they were INEFFECTIVE.  Are these morons that stupid… If you want to actually stop these type of crimes you need to fix the mental health issues in this country.  The shooters from the last several incidents have all passed background checks. FIX THE REAL PROBLEM of mental illness running unchecked in this country.

Also the issue of some of the victims blaming the NRA is just lunacy.. Again, CA has the strict gun laws.  You want someone to blame, blame the killer’s parents for being horrible parents and the police who had interviewed the killer several times in the previous months.

The Anti-gun side is losing because they are mentally Insane

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 4.32.57 PM

Professor Leonard Steinhorn, Defense Again the Dark Arts teacher at American Hogwarts University

Just saw this article in the Huffington Post– American’s Completely fictional Liberal Mouthpiece.

It is written by Leonard Steinhorn, a mentally challenged Professor of Communication at American UniversityIn this article he claims the following:

It is legal in these states to bring loaded guns into gambling establishments, sporting events and restaurants that serve alcohol. It is legal in these states to carry weapons into stores and shopping malls, and in some cases even onto college campuses and into bars and houses of worship.

Oh my God. It is legal for people to do legal things with legal guns. I live in NH and I carry a gun everywhere except schools, courthouses, and the Post Office. Every where else guns are allowed.  Private businesses are not allowed to ban guns.  Guns have been allowed in Malls and Supermarkets and Bars and Places to Eat.  We haven’t had any incidents. I am upset. New Hampshire should have made your list.

In all of these states, it is legal to shoot first and claim self-defense much the way George Zimmerman did with Trayvon Martin and hundreds of others have done in less publicized cases.

I think shooting people before they do anything is against the law everywhere. Also Mr Steinhorn, I don’t know where you get your facts because George Zimmerman shot the Punk Martin while Martin was slamming Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the pavement.  That’s not Stand Your Ground. That’s self defense.  Martin couldn’t retreat because he was in the process of being killed by Trayvon Martin.  Doesn’t matter how it started. What’s important was how it ended. Simple Self Defense legally everywhere.

And in all of these states, their background laws — if they even exist — are so full of loopholes that someone with a criminal record, a drug or drinking problem, or a history of mental illness can obtain a gun.

Federal laws require background checks for all gun sales sold by Federal Firearm’s Dealers. States can require all gun sales require a background check or they can allow private transfers of guns between gun owners. In my state, I am allowed to sell a long gun (rifle) to anyone in any state in a face to face transaction, as long as they are not a prohibited person.  I demand to sell driver’s licenses and some sort of gun permit or I won’t sell. For Handguns I can only sell to people that live in the same state as myself, who I either know personally or if they have a NH Concealed Carry Permit.  In any state, if you sell a gun to a criminal that is a Federal crime. In many states, if you sell a gun and that person commits a crime, then you may go to jail. Every gun owner I know refuses to sell to people to refuse to provide ID.

Most of the criminals that should not get guns get them from straw buyers. People who knowingly buy guns for criminals.  You can increase the penalties for straw buyers ( I have no problem with that!) but It is impossible to know someone’s intent when buying a gun.

It’s no consolation that before many of these shooters pulled the trigger, they were once law-abiding citizens. That’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that they were allowed to carry around and wield a lethal weapon, and because of that someone’s life was cut short. as much as we fear common criminals, we may face an even larger threat from citizens who are allowed to carry guns almost anywhere and anytime.  

98% of the crimes committed with guns in this country are by people who have illegal guns. Law abiding citizens do not usually commit crimes.

The Sandy Hook Shooter and the Navy Yard shooter were individuals with mental illness in their past. Why then could the Navy Yard shooter buy a gun?  And how could any background checks prevented the Sandy Hook shooter from stealing his mothers guns? (obtained with background check).  Almost all gun owners don’t want mentally ill people from getting guns. We just don’t want the liberals to redefined mental illness to include:

  • All ex-military
  • People with ADHD or concentration issues
  • Anyone who believes that the government is unjust
  • Anyone who is prepping for the end of the world
  • Anyone who is opposition to the Barrack Obama

It is time to stand up to the gun lobby and tell the states most in their thrall exactly what you think: I don’t feel safe in your state. Sign this petition and make your voice heard.

It’s not the “GUN LOBBY”. It’s the millions of Americans who believe that they have a god given right to defend themselves inside and outside of their homes. That this right was not created by the 2nd Amendment, but confirmed an existing right of any man.

In my state, they have tried to pass several anti-gun laws in the NH House of Representatives, a Democratic controlled venue, this term, and in the end they were shot down by a majority of Democrats.  Democrats are running from Obamacare and they are running from Gun Control laws in most of the United States. Because they know, that in the next election, they will be losing everything as America solidly votes against their lies and slander with Healthcare and Guns the main topics.

And lastly, this Professor Steinhorn is living in a fantasy world. He hates guns so much, his diseased mind has created all of his talking points. None of them are true. I can’t believe this complete waste of a human being is allowed to teach kids.  He should be put away in some mental institution and the key thrown away.

1 Year ago today… Newtown gave Gun Grabbers a Merry Christmas


Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School took place one year ago today.

I have already written that I think Nancy Lanza is responsible for being the world’s worst parent.  She should have not coddled, her completely insane son. She should not have given him weapons.  She knew he was very mentally ill and yet she gave him the weapons that he used to kill her and kill those kids.  I am sorry for all the kids that died.  That was a very sad day. And none of the gun laws that the below gun grabbers have proposed would have prevented this sad incident.


Faces of Real Evil. They were happy that sandy hook happened

True Evil

Adam Lanza was a sick freak that should have been hospitalized for life in some home for insane. He was evil.  But do you know what the real evil was?  I will tell you.
The anti-gun crowd had a plan.  They were waiting for the next big mass murder event that used guns.  So they were ready to immediately start their lies and manipulation of the American People and the liberal media to take away the rights of Americans to have guns.

There are stories and rummours in the “not so main stream” media that all of the gun grabbers above, were allegedly actually “giddy with excitement and glee” when they heard about Sandy Hook.  Because now they could implement their plan to get rid of guns.  And for the last year, these people have been lying and using everything in their bag of dirty tricks to ban assault weapons, standard capacity magazines (they call them large capacity clips),  You know their lies:

  • 40% of all guns sales do not have a background checkComplete and total fiction. They study they have used, goes back to before we had the Brady Bill and mandatory background checks.
  • 90% of the American People want expanded background checks- Complete and totally not correct. They misused the poll. The actual poll question said “Do you favor background checks for gun purchases” The question never asked about “expanded background checks”
  • Mass Shootings are a major problem. Guns are used for offensive purposes only- Wrong again, A recent CDC study authorized by one of Obama’s anti-gun presidential directives said ” Mass Shootings are rare and guns are used for defensive reasons the same amount of the time as they are used for offensive reasons.
  • No one needs an “assault weapon” They are military grade weapons.- Wrong yet again. They way they now classify “assault weapons in NY and CA is anti semi-automatic rifle that holds more than 5 bullets. The real “assault weapons are machine guns” Machine Guns have been very restricted for a very long time.  These weapons are just semi automatic rifles that look like their military counterparts.  In fact, hunting rifles shoot a more deadly and lethal round than any Ar-15 or AK. These guns are used for sport and recreation, and organized shooting competitions across the country.  And Lastly, the FBI came out with statistics, that over the last 5 years, More people have been killed with hammers, then rifles.  There is no problem with rifles in this country.


Despite the lies and the using of the New Town Parents as props, a year later we have defeated these evil band of liars and we have no new federal gun control. Even one of the New Town parents, has said that “All the proposed gun laws would not have prevented the Sandy Hook Shootings”  Yes, the states of CT, NY, and CA, CO lost gun rights, and I believable many of their new gun laws will be eventually overturned by the supreme court or by the people voting in different politicians.


Next year, we have the 2014 midterm elections. And we must continue to work against these freedom stealing politicians that want to take away our god given rights to self defense that were not given to us. They are a natural right. The 2nd Amendment confirmed these rights, it did not give us these rights.

The majority of Americans do not support these “Real Evil Doers” and the latest study shows Obama has the lowest approval rating of any president. Even lower than Nixon.
The government needs to get out of the lives of the average American. We need to take back this country in 2014.

Coming Next Year, The real America is coming back and these freedom stealing politicians better find a new job. Because America has no use for any of them any their new gun laws, or their healthcare system.