Artist and Church in Calfornia Worship Trayvon Martin in Holiday Display


Liberals Worshiping Trayvon

Freddy’s Note:

I can’t think of a more offensive thing than this display at a church in Californian.  In this display, a shot and bleeding Trayvon Martin literally takes the place of Jesus.

In case anyone has been hiding in a doomday bunker for the last two years, Trayvon was a teen punk with a history of being a petty thief, that was wondering around a gated Neighborhood that he didn’t belong in, when he was confronted by the moron George Zimmerman. Now George should have stayed in his truck.

But when he did, Martin overpowered him was pounding Martin’s face into the concrete when Zimmerman killed him.  Absolutely not a Stand Your Ground Case. It was a Self Defense case.Martin was a teenage punk. Live like a punk, die like a punk. The world is better off without him and to be honest, the world would be better without Zimmerman as well.


Stupidest Holiday Display of All Time

But to use this in a holiday display is just really offensive to everyone.  I hope the artist never works again and I really hope the Church loses it core following and ceases to exist.

The Worst Church and the Worst Artist in the World award for 2013 goes to these fraking morons:

Claremont United Methodist Church Decides to worship Trayvon Martin

There are your usual nativity scenes, and then there is the nativity scene in front of Claremont United Methodist Church in Claremont, California featuring Trayvon Martin bleeding onto the ground, alongside baby Jesus and Mary.


Teenage Punk Thief dies in front of his Parole Officer Jesus

For the past seven years, the church has commissioned its nativity scene to be turned into a provocative art piece set in a contemporary context that goes beyond a simple retelling of the classic bible story. This year’s artist, John Zachary, had previously turned Mary and Jesus into Iraq War refugees and Mexican immigrants. This year, he wanted to tackle gun violence.

“I’ve tried to make them contemporary issues that are provocative as they relate to the nativity story,” Zachary said. When describing the Trayvon Martin nativity scene, Zachary said he wanted to challenge the contemporary telling of the nativity story that is comfortable and pleasant. This year’s nativity scene certainly does that.

“What if Jesus was lying there bleeding to death?” Zachary said.


The nativity scene reads: “A Child is Born, a Son is Given.”

If you’re having trouble finding a connection between the nativity story and the murder of Trayvon Martin, Zachary is confident that this year’s scene is “in keeping with the teachings of Jesus.” It’s supposed to attack our “privilege,” as Zachary puts it. And it’s supposed to make us uncomfortable – again, that’s the point.

Zachary’s nativity scene will stay up until January 5. Now we just have to wait a year to see what he comes up with next.

The 2013 Most Mental US Senator Award goes to :


It is just amazing that Diane Feinstein is a US Senator.  She has to be one of the most stupid human beings to ever walk the planet.

We all know how the real gunman responds to unarmed people. He or she shoots and kills the unarmed people.

How stupid are the morons in California that keep electing this “Poster Child for Alzheimer’s”.  This woman should not have a drivers license, never mind a senate seat. She needs to put locked away in a retirement home and strapped to a bed and kept under medication until she dies. Which hopefully will come soon.

Why are the police killing innocent teenagers so often these days.


I saw the following on the news today. The police can just kill un-armed drivers of cars if they refuse to turn off the car?  This kid did not drive at the officers.  He was not in a  moving car. This cop should be fired and jailed and murder and hanged by the neck until he is dead.

“A father called police on his son to teach him a lesson for taking his truck, but the day ended in tragedy after Ames police officers shot the young Iowan teen dead.

bilde (15)

After getting in an argument with his dad over a pack of cigarettes, Tyler stole his dad’s truck and was fatally shot by police.

Monday started with an argument between James Comstock and his 19-year-old son, Tyler Comstock, after the father refused to buy his son cigarettes. To get even, Tyler stole his father’s truck and raced away, but James Comstock called police, ready to teach his rebellious teenage son a lesson, Gawker reported.

Ames Police Officer Adam McPherson responded to the call and noticed the lawn care company vehicle. The ensuing pursuit led to the Iowa State University campus where Tyler entered into a brief standoff with police. After refusing to obey commands to turn off his engine, McPherson fired six shots into the truck and struck the teenager twice. Tyler was later pronounced dead from his gunshot wounds.

According to the official report on the incident, McPherson’s actions were necessary in order “to stop the ongoing threat to the public and the offiers.”

But Tyler’s family didn’t see it that way, and said his son was unarmed at the time.

“So he didn’t shut the damn truck off, so let’s fire six rounds at him?” exclaimed Gary Shepley, Tyler’s step-grandfather. “We’re confused, and we don’t understand.”

The family is demanding answers and is even more confused after learning one officer had suggested twice the chase be called off.”



AirSoft AK-47 (Shoots plastic bullets)


real Ak-47. Shoots real 7.62×39 bullets

Yet Another Story

Two weeks ago, some police in California shot a kids playing with a “Toy Airsoft”  Rifle, this along with the story makes ut seems like the police kill more innocent teenagers then ‘Members of teenager Murder gangs” in large cities.

Now I actually own a Airsoft ak-47 and I own 3 other 3 real AKs.  So I know the difference.  But the story in California just streams the the Cop is a tremendous coward who got off on legally killing a 13 year old boy. The boy is facing away from the cop, when the cop screams at him to drop the weapon.  Isn’t every 13 year teenager going to turn towards the person screaming at him. This kid did and the cowardly, piece of trash police officer, killed him. Now I have no issue with the police. I have major issues with this Killer Cop. He should be fired, charged with murder and raped repeated by every inmate in the California jail system. That is what I would call justice.

Yet meanwhile, teenage murder gangs run free in big cities around the country. And they never seemed to be attacked or fought by police. Where are the police, they are all out shooting innocent teenagers. Much less risk for them in those cases.