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The woman’s quick thinking turned the tables on carjackers who demanded the keys to her car on the northwest side.

“It went so fast that I could not even believe it was happening,” the woman, Kari, said.

Just talking about the attack by a gunman during an attempted carjacking, Kari had to hold back tears. The mother of three, a law school student, showed Eyewitness News what happened outside her SUV that forced her to pull out her own gun.

“I do have a gun carry permit and I do carry a gun. I yanked over my passenger door and pulled it out and at that point, they scattered,” Kari said.

The attack happened at 11 p.m. Wednesday in her driveway as she returned home from law school, another reason she carries a weapon.

“It is personal protection, but I have never had to use it, ever,” she said.

Gun permit rates for women in Indiana are soaring. An all-female gun training class in Boone County usually has a waiting list.

For now, Kari is glad she’s okay, but is concerned that her attackers were very young and may even live close by.

“I have run into a group of boys down at the Speedway and I have always smiled at them and said hello,” she said.

After the scariest moment of her life, she now advises everyone – especially women – to never let your guard down.

“I stayed calm and was able to act,” she said.

Kari says her attackers who stood behind the teenager with the gun looked to be even younger. Detectives will most likely check security video from a nearby gas station and increase patrols near Kari’s home

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Driver with handgun holds off man who jumped in his car until police arrives

NASHUA NH – An Amherst man found himself at the business end of a driver’s gun Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly tried to steal a car in downtown Nashua.

Multiple witnesses called police shortly before noon and reported an incident involving a gun near Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, prompting police to shut down Medical Center Drive.

Nashua police Lt. Michael Moushegian said James Paul, 33, of 32A Route 101A, Amherst, is charged with getting into a car that was stopped but running in the medical center’s parking lot and trying to take it.

The adult male driver, who didn’t know Paul, repeatedly ordered Paul out of the vehicle and, fearing for his safety, pulled out a handgun and forced him out, Moushegian said.

Patrol officers rushed to the scene and ordered Paul and the driver of the vehicle onto the ground, then were able to sort out what had happened, Moushegian said. The driver was in legal possession of the firearm.

“Any time a gun is involved we’re going to take extra precautions,” he said.

Moushegian said Medical Center Drive was shut down for 10 or 15 minutes and Paul was arrested about 20 minutes after the initial calls to police.

No one was injured in the incident.

Paul is charged with attempted unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle, which is a misdemeanor.

FREDDY’S Note. Why is jumping into a car and trying to steal it only a misdemeanor in New Hampshire?