Connecticut State Police Gestapo ready to go door to door to take firearms and magazines by force

Freddy’s Note:How many times have you heard one of the anti-gunners proclaim “No one is coming for your guns”.  Well, the  Connecticut State Police Gestapo is getting ready to invade any home in Connecticut where they think they may be unregistered assault weapons or magazines.  When a reporter questioned the State Police Gestapo Spokesperson, he told the report it was “Un American” to question him on a law.  What a steaming pile of shit this freaking moron is.  Hitler would be proud of him.  Sadly, we know people are going to die when the State Police Storm Troopers start to invade the homes of anyone they suspect (meaning they could be wrong) of having unregistered weapons.

I highly suggest that any one that lives in the Nazi Occupied state of Connecticut flee the new Nazi regime and escape to the freedom we have in New Hampshire. It’s the live free or die state. And by the way, it means we will live free or the people opressing us will die.

Here is the CT State Police Nazi StormTropper Scumbag

USA Today Poll on Banning weapons that Look Like Miltary Style Rifles


Looks Like Military UZI but it is not. Just a semi-automatic rifle

My UZI carbine that I built through a series on this site looks like the real original UZI. Except it is semi-automatic and has a longer barrel to adhere to the ATF regulations. It fires a bullet 1 time each time the trigger is pressed, like every other rifle used for sport or hunting or self defense.

There is a poll at USATODAY right now. The question is whether “military style assault weapons” should be banned.

The reality is that Assault weapons, by definition are select fire weapons capable of fully automatic fire.  As such these are already heavily regulated under the NFA and nearly impossible for a “common citizen” to own.

Due to the NFA regulations they cost upwards of $20,000 and require a years worth of legal hoops to acquire. 

So, what this poll is really asking is if firearms that “look” like military style assault weapons should be banned.  Because as well all know, the scarier something looks the more dangerous

Everyone should vote for no.

At the time I write this No is at 91%