Democrats Fear for their own lives, want to end the death penalty for Treason.


A bill that was proposed by Maryland Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards and seven other Democrats, earlier this year, would eliminate the possibility of imposing the death penalty for a variety of federal offenses. Among those crimes would be treason and espionage. The bill has been largely ignored in the media, but recently surfaced at The Hill.

According to HR 3741, the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act, the death penalty could not be enacted for assassination or kidnapping that would result in the death of the president, the vice president or a member of Congress.

The bill would eliminate the death penalty for those who would engage in using a weapon of mass destruction or war crimes.

I am one that believes that the states can handle quite a bit of the issues regarding death penalty cases (incidentally, many listed could fall under that purview), it would seem that treason and espionage would be serious enough to warrant the death penalty. Several of those issues are also listed in the bill, including aircraft hijackings, sexual abuse, bank robberies, deliberate wrecking of a train, torture and child abuse.

For those, like myself who are pro-life, the death penalty could not be imposed on someone that brought about the death of an unborn child. We are talking justice here, not the choice to murder.


Democrats Fear for their own lives, want to end the death penalty for Treason.

ICM 2007 Death Penalty Action

Freddy’s Note: We need to stop the passage of this bill, so we can penalize those liberals for trying to destroy America, when we take back this country.

Eight Democrats have proposed a bill that would take the death penalty off the table for a variety of serious federal crimes, including espionage, treason and assassinating federal politicians.

The Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act. (HR 3741) would “end the death penalty for assassination or kidnapping that results in the death of the president or vice president, and also ends it for the murder of a member of Congress.”

The list goes on: “using a weapon of mass destruction, or murder done via torture, child abuse, war crimes, aircraft hijackings, sexual abuse, bank robberies or the willful wrecking of a train.”

And there is even more like “using chemical or biological materials to kill could also no longer result in the death penalty, nor could deaths related to treason or espionage. The death or injury of an unborn child could not result in the death penalty either.”

Sponsors of the bill include Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Elijah Cummings (D-MN), Barbara Lee (D-CA)  Hank Johnson (D-GA), John Lewis (D-GA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and José Serrano (D-N.Y.).  These people should be first on the list when America is taken back from The Liberal Scum.