Hey Family of Michael Brown-FUCK YOU!


Michael Brown’s Step Dad Louis Head  -tells the crowd to “Burn this Bitch down”

We have video of Michael Brown committing armed robbery just a few minutes before he was killed.  This cannot be denied.. Yet the family of Michael Brown are the stupidist morons on earth.  The step father, Louis Head,  told the crowd to “Burn this Bitch Down” at a rally the other day.


This woman is insane

The there is the dumbest and possibility worst mother on the planet. The Mother of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden.  She told media, that her son was a good boy and would never do anything wrong. She doesn’t believe the video of the robbery and she does not believe her son would try to kill a police office.  It was racism, she says.  Well she is obviously completely and totally insane. She should be locked up for treatment and not seen on news where she completely says nothing but lies. Her son Robbed a story then then tried to kill the policeman that caught him with the goods. The police officer who killed him does not need to be arrested, he needs to be given a award.

Like other parents, in the past. These two losers now want to make their punk sun’s killing, all about them.  They want to become famous activists.  But they are really terrorists, and I blame them both for the riots, destruction and death that happened in Ferguson MO. They noth should go to prison for inciting a riot.