Wanted Writers for CrypticPunk.com No experience necessary


This blog is only around two months old and we are doing pretty well.  We averaged 8 views a day in November and we are looking to end December with an average of 200 views a day in December, which is pretty good since I mostly only post Mon-Fri and I took a few days off for Christmas.  Everything I post a post on this blog, now also publishes to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Tumbler. I am going to introduce some contests in January to boost readership. And I am getting involved in cross promoting this website with another websites.

So I find myself looking for others to contribute to this blog.  There is no money involved at this point. This is not a money making venture at this time. But it may be in the future.

What I am looking for is a few people to come with a weekly column. For example, I am already doing gun of the week from my collection on one day. Pick anything related to any of topics I have written about here on the site.  Guns, Gun History and Anti-gun politics always draw the most hits. Some of my posts have been Satire, and some noticed, some did not. That’s ok.

Conditions: No money but you can get credit with your name and contact info.  You can even write under a assumed name if you want.   To apply send me a sample weekly column.  I am looking for around 600 works or more. I am looking for proper grammar and spelling and the ability to tell a story or convey a thought. Pictures tell the story as well. Include pictures if you can.  Send your sample article and a brief bio to freddyramone@crypticpunk.com.  Use the Subject: Writers Wanted.

Shooting with Google Glasses Looks like a video game

Here’s what it looks like to fire a weapon. Oh? You’re not impressed? Right. I understand. Because every first person shooter video game that kids play these days looks exactly like this. Hell, to be honest, the video games might look even more realistic than real life (if that makes any sense).

YouTube user cheekflapperer took Google Glass to the gun range and showed it firing various weapons. It’s frightening (and totally unsurprising) how much it looks like a video game.

Freddy’s Note: I have some glasses on order. I will start making videos with them when they arrive.