MDA and MAIG Lie About Gun Deaths in Schools to FurtherTheir Gun Banning Agenda


You are more likely to die because of the bike part then the gun part

Freddy’s Note:
In the pro-gun or anti-gun debate, there is no bigger group of liars then the Mike Bloomberg sponsored Mayors Against Guns or the Mothers Demand Action groups.  Their paid spokesperson, Shannon Watts is a professional liar. They twist every store about guns to further their goal of banning all guns. Lately they have been yelling to everyone that will listen that Kids are Dying in Schools, Bla Bla,Bla. Total lies and garbage. This new study refutes their liars and says Kids are much more likely to die in a bicycle accident then by a gun.

MDA and MAIG are Liars
Responding to a recent report that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) conducted about the dangers of guns in public schools, Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox said the annual risk of gun-related death in school is “well below one in two million,” and “many times more youngsters are killed annually in bicycle accidents.”

Because of this, Fox said he “trusts [MDA and MAIG] would support a national helmet law as quickly as a gun restriction.”

According to USA Today, the report by MDA and MAIG claims “44 shootings” took place in schools since the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012. Rather than argue with that figure, Fox shows that it is “lower than two decades ago when gang violence was especially problematic at school settings.”

In other words, there is a downward trend.

And because of this trend, Fox warned that coating schools with cameras and metal detectors and practicing lockdown drills “not only fail to prevent some teenager or adult determined to wreak havoc on innocent children and their dedicated teachers, but they send the wrong and excessively scary message concerning the risk.”

Fox has been studying “mass shootings” since the 1980s. Following Sandy Hook, he said, “There is no pattern, there is no increase.” He said such attacks seem prevalent because of the amount of media attention given them.

New Hampshire Tells Mike Bloomberg and Shannon Watts to go FUCK Themselves


NH is still the Live Free or Die State

I travel a lot around the country for work. But New Hampshire is my home. Mike Bloomberg and his thugs (MAIG MDM) have been causing trouble here recently.  They had a anti-gun universal background check law written by some lawyers in San Francisco.  They got some of the NH liberals to sponsor the bill.  The leader of the democratic house in NH, I think his name is Steve Shitface, or something like that, was pushing and threatening the democrats in the two committees to vote yes on this bill.  It passed through both committees.

Here’s a great article in the telling about all the lies the liberals have been spreading with this bill.

The Pro-gun crowd greatly outnumbered the anti-gun crowd at every hearing. When there was much anger, they modified the bill to please the Pro-gun crowd, and they made it worse.  Background Checks were were only for all commercial sales not private sales. Sounds great except they  then defined a commercial sale as one that took place at a gun show, as the result of being at a gun show or if you drove past a gun show.  They also defined a commercial sale as a sale as a result of placing an ad on a newspaper or anywhere online.


Nazi Co_leaders Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg are not welcome in NH

The liberal newspapers in the state were running articles asking for people to call their state reps and support the bill. Yesterday the Seacoast Online posted an artcile that said “Momentum is building for Background Checks.”  Well the NH house is mostly democrats. The final vote today was 2 to 1 against the stupid law.

Hey we won big today
I am sure the liberal moonbats are in shock. What happened? Well the people of NH have been drowning the NH state reps with email, faxes, and phone calls.  Supposedly it was 10 -1 against the bill.  And the November Election is coming.  Privately NH democrats are worried they are going to lose the House, and the Governor in NH and the Congress in Washington. Reality set in, they couldn’t give the voters another reason to kick them out of office.