Tuesday: New Hampshire Anti Gun Grab Vote


Freddy’s Note:

Most of New Hampshire has always been conservative. Unfortunately most of the big cities are getting more and more liberals that have escaped from the Communist State of Massachusetts.  And these morons want to remake New Hampshire to be like the state that they left. This small group of very active of liars that want to strip away the gun rights of NH citizens. These same faces are at the Obama anti-gun demonstrations and the MDA demonstrations. These people are willing to lie cheat and steal to take away the guns rights using any method. I personally will donate a large sum of money to anyone who runs against anyone who votes for NH SB-244.

From The National Association of Gun Rights

New Hampshire Gun Owner Alert: The NH Senate Judiciary Committee is prepared to take up Senate Bill 244, an anti-gun a bill which could strip the Second Amendment rights away from thousands of Granite Staters under the ruse of ”mental health”. If you can attend the hearing, please do so!

It’s tomorrow morning, Jan. 14th at 9:00 AM at the State House, Room 100 located at 107 North Main Street in Concord. Please click this link for more information (http://bit.ly/1ky9oHW), including phone numbers of key lawmakers you can call today. Urge them to OPPOSE SB-244. LIKE and SHARE!

1.) Attend the hearing on this anti-gun bill tomorrow.

January 14th at 9:00 AM.

State House, Room 100
107 North Main Street in Concord.

Show up early so you can testify against Senate Bill 244.

2.) Contact the following key lawmakers and committee members and urge them to oppose Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda by voting against Senate Bill 244.

Sen. Sharon Carson: 603-434-2489 (Committee Chair)

Sen. Bette Lasky: 603-315-1924 (Committee Vice Chair)

Sen. David Boutin: 603-203-5391

Sen. Sam Cataldo: 603-859-1089

Sen. Donna Soucy: 603-271-4151

Sen. David Watters 603-969-9224 (Bill Sponsor)

Rep. Jeffrey Goley 603-626-6659 (House co-sponsor)

Click here to send them all a quick e-mail.

Thanks for taking immediate action.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

Why do you need a gun to go to : The Hospital – Continuing Series


Driver with handgun holds off man who jumped in his car until police arrives

NASHUA NH – An Amherst man found himself at the business end of a driver’s gun Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly tried to steal a car in downtown Nashua.

Multiple witnesses called police shortly before noon and reported an incident involving a gun near Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, prompting police to shut down Medical Center Drive.

Nashua police Lt. Michael Moushegian said James Paul, 33, of 32A Route 101A, Amherst, is charged with getting into a car that was stopped but running in the medical center’s parking lot and trying to take it.

The adult male driver, who didn’t know Paul, repeatedly ordered Paul out of the vehicle and, fearing for his safety, pulled out a handgun and forced him out, Moushegian said.

Patrol officers rushed to the scene and ordered Paul and the driver of the vehicle onto the ground, then were able to sort out what had happened, Moushegian said. The driver was in legal possession of the firearm.

“Any time a gun is involved we’re going to take extra precautions,” he said.

Moushegian said Medical Center Drive was shut down for 10 or 15 minutes and Paul was arrested about 20 minutes after the initial calls to police.

No one was injured in the incident.

Paul is charged with attempted unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle, which is a misdemeanor.

FREDDY’S Note. Why is jumping into a car and trying to steal it only a misdemeanor in New Hampshire?