Wanted Writers for CrypticPunk.com No experience necessary


This blog is only around two months old and we are doing pretty well.  We averaged 8 views a day in November and we are looking to end December with an average of 200 views a day in December, which is pretty good since I mostly only post Mon-Fri and I took a few days off for Christmas.  Everything I post a post on this blog, now also publishes to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Tumbler. I am going to introduce some contests in January to boost readership. And I am getting involved in cross promoting this website with another websites.

So I find myself looking for others to contribute to this blog.  There is no money involved at this point. This is not a money making venture at this time. But it may be in the future.

What I am looking for is a few people to come with a weekly column. For example, I am already doing gun of the week from my collection on one day. Pick anything related to any of topics I have written about here on the site.  Guns, Gun History and Anti-gun politics always draw the most hits. Some of my posts have been Satire, and some noticed, some did not. That’s ok.

Conditions: No money but you can get credit with your name and contact info.  You can even write under a assumed name if you want.   To apply send me a sample weekly column.  I am looking for around 600 works or more. I am looking for proper grammar and spelling and the ability to tell a story or convey a thought. Pictures tell the story as well. Include pictures if you can.  Send your sample article and a brief bio to freddyramone@crypticpunk.com.  Use the Subject: Writers Wanted.