Obama Lied about everything Last Night


1. Obama claims that “corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better. But… [u]pward mobility has stalled.” This has been refuted most recently by Harvard Economics Professor Raj Chetty who recently released a paper showing that upward mobility in America hasn’t changed since the 1970’s.  This means that in the past 40+ years the chances of moving out of poverty in America have remained unchanged.

2. The President continued beating his ‘war on women’ drum last night, using his often cited statistic about women making only $.77 for every dollar a man makes in America.  The problem is this statistic is completely bogus.  It isn’t just conservatives who are saying this, even the staunch liberals at Slate say the President’s figures simply don’t add up.  After all, it’s just arithmetic.

3. While the President made a big show out of the minimum wage he failed to tell the American people that the minimum wage actually only affects less than 1% of the work force.  That’s right, less than 1% of the American workforce earns the federal minimum wage, the rest work at a level above the minimum.  While Obama might want to force this issue for political gain, he is lying when he says that this is a huge problem for the American public.

4. Obama claimed “more than 9 million Americans have signed up” for coverage under ObamaCare during his speech last night, a number that has been widely challenged in the aftermath of the speech. Observers have pointed out that almost 5 million Americans have lost coverage because of the mandates in ObamaCare. Others have questioned the number of Medicaid beneficiaries who are newly eligible due to the program’s expansion under the law. Obama’s 9 million figure includes a claim that 3.9 million learned they are eligible for Medicaid, but he admits some of those counted are actually renewals.

5. President Obama claimed to have added 8 million jobs to the U.S. economy last night to loud applause.  The problem is, that claim only rings true if you ignore all of the jobs the economy has lost under Obama’s watch.  The true number is well less than half of his claim.  The President will continue to ignore this truth, however, because it goes to show that the economic recovery under his tenure has been the slowest since World War Two.

6. While Obama took credit for the rising domestic energy production he is lying by omission when he fails to tell the American people this energy boom has occurred in spite of his policies, not because of them.  Much of the increase in domestic energy production has happened on private land, and despite the growing number of regulations that the Obama administration has heaped on the industry.

7.  The Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare to most, is on its face a lie.  While the President painted a rosy picture of his namesake last night, he glossed over the fact that it is not affordable after all.  While monthly bills for health insurance have gone down for some (and risen for others), that is only one side of the equation.  What Obama isn’t telling the public is that deductibles are going up under ObamaCare, sometimes doubling or even tripling.

8. While carbon emissions are not at the top of ForAmerica’s policy priorities, holding President Obama accountable for his claims is what we are all about. Last night, the President claimed the U.S. “reduced our total carbon pollution more than any other nation on Earth.” The facts show many nations reduced their emissions by a greater percentage than the U.S. has in recent years.

9. On Iran, President Obama told the American people a flat out lie last night.  The President said that Iran is now eliminating its stockpile of highly enriched uranium.  While evidence exists that the Iranians, under the recent international agreement, have begun oxidizing their highly enriched uranium, a process that makes the uranium unusable. Obama failed to say this process is completely reversible, and thus, Iran has not eliminated their stockpiles at all.

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IRS Sets Sights on Secret Hollywood Conservative Group


Actors who are Patriots instead of liberal scum bags

Freddy’s Note:

Once again, Obama’s Nazi Stormtroopers, The Internal Revenue Agency (IRS), is going after Conservatives who oppose Obama and his agenda of destroying America. Obama has committed more treasonous acts then a room full of Nixons  He is still using the IRS as  his personal goon squads to attack any group that does not bow down to him.  Stand Up America. It’s time to dump this Treasonous Piece of Garbage (Obama) and take our country back.

The Friends of Abe

Shrouded in secrecy for fear of a backlash from powerful movie industry liberals, is being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service after applying for tax-exempt status.

Friends of Abe has attempted to stay under the radar and is fiercely determined to protect the identity of its 1,500 members, The New York Times reports.

But now the group has come under the scrutiny of the IRS after the federal agency requested information about its meetings with politicians including 2012 vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, former Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, and 2012 presidential hopeful Hermain Cain, according to anonymous sources who have inside knowledge of the probe.

The report says the IRS has been investigating Friends of Abe — named after Abraham Lincoln — for two years and has had access to its security-protected website containing all the members’ names.

Ever since the organization was launched a decade ago, it has endeavored to keep a veil of silence surrounding its members, even banning cameras at events to avoid publication of pictures of its associates.

The Times claims, however, that some supporters, who include Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer and Jon Voight, have admitted to their conservative leanings in public.

“It’s a growing movement, and word is getting out that there’s many of us in this business,” singer Pat Boone told The Washington Times in 2008. At the time, he was one of the few conservative stars who spoke openly about the group’s existence.  “If certain studio execs – hirers and firers – learn that this is a movement and growing, and that some of these people that they hire are of this inclination, these people could be unemployed,” Boone explained.

In 2011, Clint Howard, a conservative actor who is the brother of actor and director Ron Howard, told Newsmax that conservatives are still outcasts who have “trepidations” that their political orientation in a sea of outspoken liberals will sink their careers.

Though he was openly conservative, Howard still stressed that he had to choose his words carefully when discussing politics in Hollywood.

“For years conservative-minded people have been kind of subjected to a lot of — I wouldn’t say bullying, no it’s not bullying,” he told Newsmax. “Conservative minded people have been subjected to a very liberal work place, and it has been frustrating.”

The IRS investigation comes at a time when the agency has been under fire in Congress for targeting groups the tea party movement and other conservative groups over their tax exempt status.

Unlike those groups, Friends of Abe is hoping to win approval from the agency for a status allowing members to claim a tax deduction as long as they do not take part in any partisan political activity.

Jeremy Boreing, executive director of Friends of Abe, told the Times that his organization has “has absolutely no political agenda.” He added, “It exists to create fellowship among like-minded individuals.”

The organization — whose name is a take on Friends of Bill which consists of people loyal to former President Bill Clinton — was launched in 2005 through an email chain connecting conservatives in the film industry. Although Sinise, best known for his role as Lt. Dan in “Forrest Gump,” was the initial leader, he stepped back from his position as the organization grew stronger.

In conversations with the IRS, the group was specifically asked about meetings with Ryan, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, and Republican Los Angeles mayoral candidate Kevin James, who is unrelated to the “King of Queens” actor of the same name.

The agency is also said to have been particularly interested in Cain speaking at a Friends of Abe event in 2011.

Over the past few years, the group has  staged events that have included such notable Republican guests as House Speaker John Boehner and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, as well as political strategists Karl Rove and Frank Luntz and conservative commentators Ann Coulter and Mark Levin.

“The IRS. would say that if you are inviting only conservative candidates, that’s a problem,” Marcus Owens, a former director of the agency’s exempt organizations division, told The Times.

“But it’s never really been litigated.”

Obama: Some People ‘Really Dislike Me’ Because I’m Black. Rest of Country says.. We know you are useless, now you tell us your black?



Actually we dislike you because you are a liar and cheat. Because your health law is making most of us pay for for less insurance then we had before.  Because you  are misusing the Office of the President and trying to rule like a Dictator. And lastly because you are the worst president ever.  I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you were Black. All I noticed was you destroying American

President Useless Whinny Obama

President Barack Obama says some people “really dislike me” because they don’t like the idea of a black man occupying the Oval Office.  But, he admits, that’s not the whole story.

“Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president,” Obama told The New Yorker in an interview published Sunday.

Obama’s election in 2008 was heralded by some as ending the racial divide in the United States, but the country has become even more divided during his presidency. Though he won re-election in 2012, his margin of white support was the worst of any presidential victor in U.S. history, The New Yorker noted.

“The popular opposition to the administration comes largely from older whites who feel threatened, underemployed, overlooked, and disdained in a globalized economy and in an increasingly diverse country,” the article said.

Obama said in the interview that opposition to large federal powers does not make make one racist, but he said supporters of states’ rights should also acknowledge the history tied to that philosophy, which was key to southern thinking during the Civil War and the civil rights movement.

Conservatives should understand, he said, that his not wanting to leave Medicare in states’ hands “may not simply be because I am this power-hungry guy in Washington who wants to crush states’ rights,” but because he wants to ensure everyone is treated the same.

Obama vs.Thomas Jefferson, James Madison & the Constitution

Good article about Obama’s continuing destruction of America

The Conservative Patriot

ImageCharles Krauthammer used the term “This is amateur hour” recently describing this administration. George Will said “This is government by teenagers”.  I disagree.  I believe this administration is cunning, secretive, radical, socialistic and brilliantly deceptive, and all is going as planned.  A concerted effort to change our country, circumvent the Constitution, lie to those who elected you, and still have half the country supporting you? That is anything, but amateurish.

These people know what they are doing, and sadly, it is working. When a President can create his own powers and no one challenges him, our form of government wanes. It gives way to abuses of power. President Obama’s  style of governing is dangerous to our country with hunger for power. He uses powers that are not his to use.  This president has forgone the constitution in many ways, many times. If we are to believe he was a Constitutional…

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Travel Story: Denmark Part 2


I am not sure what is happening in this picture

Strange Happenings in Denmark

Next to my hotel and the soccer stadium is a soccer shop. Now I am guessing the player on the left side is a legendary
player every looks up to. And the new guy on the right, probably made a bunch of mistakes that cost his team to lose, so they took his legs away from him.

So it turns out cars are very expensive here because the government imposes a tax that is sometimes 2.5 times the price of the car, because they want people to ride bikes instead.  There is no danish car company or Danish autoworkers to complain.  Remember Denmark is mostly known for pastries. I am told that a $22,000 Mini Cooper would probably cost over $100,000 after taxes.  That seems insane.  I hope Obama never goes to Denmark, we don’t need him thinking up new ways as he continues to destroy the US economy with Green legislation that will kill any rebound in the economy.   And by the way, it is really cold here.  Around 10-15 degrees colder then normal.  Forget Global Warming, it’s time to change to Global Cooling.


statue in front of the soccer stadium/hotel

No, I have no idea what the hell that thing is.  It is outside the Hotel I am staying in.

Debit Cards in Europe.
If you come to Europe, bring cash because you US ATM/Check, Debit Card will not work in most if not all stores in Europe.

And if you do come, bring plenty of underwear, because if you go to a local store to buy some, you will nearly faint when you pay 600 Danish Kroners ( approx $85) to buy a 3 pairs  and they are strange underwear.  Just take my word for it.

1 Year ago today… Newtown gave Gun Grabbers a Merry Christmas


Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School took place one year ago today.

I have already written that I think Nancy Lanza is responsible for being the world’s worst parent.  She should have not coddled, her completely insane son. She should not have given him weapons.  She knew he was very mentally ill and yet she gave him the weapons that he used to kill her and kill those kids.  I am sorry for all the kids that died.  That was a very sad day. And none of the gun laws that the below gun grabbers have proposed would have prevented this sad incident.


Faces of Real Evil. They were happy that sandy hook happened

True Evil

Adam Lanza was a sick freak that should have been hospitalized for life in some home for insane. He was evil.  But do you know what the real evil was?  I will tell you.
The anti-gun crowd had a plan.  They were waiting for the next big mass murder event that used guns.  So they were ready to immediately start their lies and manipulation of the American People and the liberal media to take away the rights of Americans to have guns.

There are stories and rummours in the “not so main stream” media that all of the gun grabbers above, were allegedly actually “giddy with excitement and glee” when they heard about Sandy Hook.  Because now they could implement their plan to get rid of guns.  And for the last year, these people have been lying and using everything in their bag of dirty tricks to ban assault weapons, standard capacity magazines (they call them large capacity clips),  You know their lies:

  • 40% of all guns sales do not have a background checkComplete and total fiction. They study they have used, goes back to before we had the Brady Bill and mandatory background checks.
  • 90% of the American People want expanded background checks- Complete and totally not correct. They misused the poll. The actual poll question said “Do you favor background checks for gun purchases” The question never asked about “expanded background checks”
  • Mass Shootings are a major problem. Guns are used for offensive purposes only- Wrong again, A recent CDC study authorized by one of Obama’s anti-gun presidential directives said ” Mass Shootings are rare and guns are used for defensive reasons the same amount of the time as they are used for offensive reasons.
  • No one needs an “assault weapon” They are military grade weapons.- Wrong yet again. They way they now classify “assault weapons in NY and CA is anti semi-automatic rifle that holds more than 5 bullets. The real “assault weapons are machine guns” Machine Guns have been very restricted for a very long time.  These weapons are just semi automatic rifles that look like their military counterparts.  In fact, hunting rifles shoot a more deadly and lethal round than any Ar-15 or AK. These guns are used for sport and recreation, and organized shooting competitions across the country.  And Lastly, the FBI came out with statistics, that over the last 5 years, More people have been killed with hammers, then rifles.  There is no problem with rifles in this country.


Despite the lies and the using of the New Town Parents as props, a year later we have defeated these evil band of liars and we have no new federal gun control. Even one of the New Town parents, has said that “All the proposed gun laws would not have prevented the Sandy Hook Shootings”  Yes, the states of CT, NY, and CA, CO lost gun rights, and I believable many of their new gun laws will be eventually overturned by the supreme court or by the people voting in different politicians.


Next year, we have the 2014 midterm elections. And we must continue to work against these freedom stealing politicians that want to take away our god given rights to self defense that were not given to us. They are a natural right. The 2nd Amendment confirmed these rights, it did not give us these rights.

The majority of Americans do not support these “Real Evil Doers” and the latest study shows Obama has the lowest approval rating of any president. Even lower than Nixon.
The government needs to get out of the lives of the average American. We need to take back this country in 2014.

Coming Next Year, The real America is coming back and these freedom stealing politicians better find a new job. Because America has no use for any of them any their new gun laws, or their healthcare system.

Report: Obama Arranging Tehran Visit for Next Year

I saw this report below today.  I am really happy about it. I am glad Obama would be going to Iran.  I just hope he stays there.

Story from The Weekly Standard

The Kuwaiti news outlet Al-Jarida reports that President Obama is seeking to arrange a trip to Tehran, Iran next year.

Obama in Cairo

Obama in Cairo

The headline of the article reads, “Obama would like to visit Tehran, official invitation after details resolved.”

“Al-Jarida has learned from a U.S. diplomat that President Barack Obama is seeking to visit Tehran in the middle of next year,” the report reads, based on a translation using Google Translate.

“The source said that the desire to visit is shared, and that Tehran and Washington are waiting for the conclusion of the arrangements prior to Iranian President Hassan Rohani issuing an official invitation to his American counterpart to visit Tehran.

“He pointed out that the most important detail that is outstanding regarding the meeting is the question of a meeting with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the possibility of not holding the meeting.

“The source said that Obama was waiting for the invitation to devote his new administration’s policy in the region based on the principle of non-military involvement and balance. He wants to be the first U.S. president to visit Iran since the Khomeini revolution in order to show that he is an advocate of peace and dialogue even with those who chant death to America.”

The article was originally published in Arabic.

A State Department spokeswoman did not respond to a request for confirmation of the Al-Jarida report.

But in an email, one former high ranking U.S. national security official says, “I don’t believe it.”