Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse


Freddy’s Note:

People in the gun community have been stocking up on guns and ammo for a while now.  I personally, started stocking up a 5 years ago when my community lost power in a giant ice storm. We did not get power back for 5 days.  And I live a one of the biggest cities in the state.  I watched fights at gas stations and food stores.  It looked like civilization was going to collapse if we went just a few more days without power, food or gas. I didn’t own a firearm at that time. Now I have over 50 guns and over 14,000 rounds of ammo ready to go.

Now today, a Wall Street advisor.. Main stream media person advises this… holy shit. It’s closer to go time then I thought it was.  I would recommend everyone get as much food, weapons, and ammo as possible.|

A top financial adviser, worried that Obamacare, the NSA spying scandal and spiraling national debt is increasing the chances for a fiscal and social disaster, is recommending that Americans prepare a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help them stay alive.

David John Marotta, a Wall Street expert and financial advisor and Forbes contributor, said in a note to investors, “Firearms are the last item on the list, but they are on the list. There are some terrible people in this world. And you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms.”

His memo is part of a series addressing the potential for a “financial apocalypse.” His view, however, is that the problems plaguing the country won’t result in Armageddon. “There is the possibility of a precipitous decline, although a long and drawn out malaise is much more likely,” said the Chancellorsville, Va.-based president of Marotta Wealth Management.

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Marotta said that many clients fear an end-of-the-world scenario. He doesn’t agree with that outcome, but does with much of what has people worried.

“I, along with many other economists, agree with many of the concerns expressed in these dire warnings. The growing debt and deficit spending is a tax on those holding dollars. The devaluation in the U.S. dollar risks the dollar’s status as the reserve currency of the world. Obamacare was the worst legislation in the past 75 years. Socialism is on the rise and the NSA really is abrogating vast portions of the Constitution. I don’t disagree with their concerns,” he wrote.

In his latest note, he said that Americans should have a survival kit to take in case of a financial or natural disaster. It should be filled with items that will help them stay alive for the first 72-hours of a crisis, including firearms.

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“A bug-out bag is a good idea depending on where you live even if the emergency is just power outages, earthquakes and hurricanes. And with your preparedness you will be equipped to help others who might be in need,” he wrote. “Be prepared. Especially because it keeps you from being scared.”

Here’s the original article

He provided a list of items and even a link to bug-out bags on Amazon.



OBAMACARE is a waste of time.

I get my health insurance from my wife’s company.  It was $1100 a month plus with a $5000 deductible. Meaning, they pay nothing until I pay $5000. It took almost 5 months this year to reach $5000.  Next year, because of Obamacare, it will be $1160 a month with a $6500 deductible.  This is insane.  So I went to the healthcare.gov site just to see what it would cost through there.

Been trying for 3 days.. All I get is this…..


I finally get in and find out that the Obamacare health plan will cost me $1500 a month with either $8000 or $12000 deductible.  Wow..such affordable healthcare.  I guess I am one of the lucky one’s that can actual keep my current insurance.  If I had my insurance canceled, and I had to switch to one of these much more expensive plans, I would be more upset. I was in favor of ObamaCare if it would have meant cheaper insurance. And that’s not what it is for me.

Obamacare and Obama are will hopefully aid the republicans into taking over Congress next year.  Republicans have their flaws, but they are less scummy then the democrats.