Why do I carry a gun: To Shovel the Driveway – a continuing series

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Street in Greenwich Village New York City where car was stolen

Freddy’s Note:
All of us that carry guns on a daily basis are asked the question many times.  The question is why do you carry a gun to: Blank.  I have been asked… You don’t need a gun to go:

  • Food Shopping
  • the Mall
  • to Church
  • Out to Dinner
  • Outside doing yard work on your own property
  • to Doctor’s Office
  • to Walmart
  • and every other place in the world except the Post Office and a Court House (You can’t carry there)

This series of continuing posts demonstrates the need to carry a gun can arise anywhere that you go. And it is always better to be prepared.


A Greenwich Village man clearing snow away from his truck Friday morning was carjacked in broad daylight, police announced.

The snow had stopped falling and it was dead quiet on Christopher Street when the incident occurred just after 9 a.m. There were much fewer people out than on a normal weekday because of the snow.

According to police, a building superintendent was shoveling snow next to his blue Dodge Ram when a man in his 20s appeared and pulled out a gun. He drove off without firing a shot, police said.

The super had the car running when the suspect approached, police said.

A man whose salon window faces the crime scene said he didn’t hear anything, Silverman reported.

“We keep the doors locked. I was sitting in here counting money, ironically enough,” Scott Smith said.

“That’s incredibly concerning,” said Christopher Street resident Adam Masry. “Even in the harshest of weather, I guess people are brazen.”

Police have been circling the historic West Village blocks, but have not yet tracked down the truck or the suspect on a day when it’s not easy to get anywhere fast.

Why do you need a gun to go to : The Hospital – Continuing Series


Driver with handgun holds off man who jumped in his car until police arrives

NASHUA NH – An Amherst man found himself at the business end of a driver’s gun Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly tried to steal a car in downtown Nashua.

Multiple witnesses called police shortly before noon and reported an incident involving a gun near Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, prompting police to shut down Medical Center Drive.

Nashua police Lt. Michael Moushegian said James Paul, 33, of 32A Route 101A, Amherst, is charged with getting into a car that was stopped but running in the medical center’s parking lot and trying to take it.

The adult male driver, who didn’t know Paul, repeatedly ordered Paul out of the vehicle and, fearing for his safety, pulled out a handgun and forced him out, Moushegian said.

Patrol officers rushed to the scene and ordered Paul and the driver of the vehicle onto the ground, then were able to sort out what had happened, Moushegian said. The driver was in legal possession of the firearm.

“Any time a gun is involved we’re going to take extra precautions,” he said.

Moushegian said Medical Center Drive was shut down for 10 or 15 minutes and Paul was arrested about 20 minutes after the initial calls to police.

No one was injured in the incident.

Paul is charged with attempted unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle, which is a misdemeanor.

FREDDY’S Note. Why is jumping into a car and trying to steal it only a misdemeanor in New Hampshire?

Ohio Court of Appeals throws out conviction of a man who was searched during a traffic stop because he was too polite.

This story is really good for two reasons.  1) Police just can’t make up stuff in order to search someone’s car.  2) I am in Ohio this week.

A Conservative Edge

TheNewspaper.Com- Front PageOhio Court: Polite Drivers Are Not Suspicious.

he second highest in Ohio decided on Wednesday that police have no business searching a motorist during a routine traffic stop for being too polite. The Court of Appeals suppressed the evidence that allowed police to seize a .40 caliber Sig Sauer and a small bag of marijuana from Joshua A. Fontaine at 2:27 am on December 12, 2012.

On that day, Ohio State Highway patrolman Jared Haslar was running a speed trap on Pearl Road in Strongsville, where the speed limit is 35 MPH. Patrolman Haslar claims his radar gun clocked Fontaine at 45 MPH, so he pulled him over. In the course of the stop, Fontaine cheerfully handed over his license, proof of insurance, and registration. This caused the officer to suspect criminal activity.

“While speaking to Mr. Fontaine I felt that his body language and his behavior was a little…

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Government declares people who have guns and ammo are terrorists

The US Government recently send out this document to all law enforcement agencies in the US. It seems that anyone in the US who is stockpiling guns and weapons is probably a terrorist. Oh there is a few lines near the end saying that “Constitutional Activities” should not be reported to the government. But I am sure those two sentences will be easily overlooked, when someone tells the local police that you are a terrorist, and they kill your wife, and kids, and you while invading your home searching for guns and weapons, because the ant-gun neighbor did not approve you being a pro-gun individual.

Why are the police killing innocent teenagers so often these days.


I saw the following on the news today. The police can just kill un-armed drivers of cars if they refuse to turn off the car?  This kid did not drive at the officers.  He was not in a  moving car. This cop should be fired and jailed and murder and hanged by the neck until he is dead.

“A father called police on his son to teach him a lesson for taking his truck, but the day ended in tragedy after Ames police officers shot the young Iowan teen dead.

bilde (15)

After getting in an argument with his dad over a pack of cigarettes, Tyler stole his dad’s truck and was fatally shot by police.

Monday started with an argument between James Comstock and his 19-year-old son, Tyler Comstock, after the father refused to buy his son cigarettes. To get even, Tyler stole his father’s truck and raced away, but James Comstock called police, ready to teach his rebellious teenage son a lesson, Gawker reported.

Ames Police Officer Adam McPherson responded to the call and noticed the lawn care company vehicle. The ensuing pursuit led to the Iowa State University campus where Tyler entered into a brief standoff with police. After refusing to obey commands to turn off his engine, McPherson fired six shots into the truck and struck the teenager twice. Tyler was later pronounced dead from his gunshot wounds.

According to the official report on the incident, McPherson’s actions were necessary in order “to stop the ongoing threat to the public and the offiers.”

But Tyler’s family didn’t see it that way, and said his son was unarmed at the time.

“So he didn’t shut the damn truck off, so let’s fire six rounds at him?” exclaimed Gary Shepley, Tyler’s step-grandfather. “We’re confused, and we don’t understand.”

The family is demanding answers and is even more confused after learning one officer had suggested twice the chase be called off.”



AirSoft AK-47 (Shoots plastic bullets)


real Ak-47. Shoots real 7.62×39 bullets

Yet Another Story

Two weeks ago, some police in California shot a kids playing with a “Toy Airsoft”  Rifle, this along with the story makes ut seems like the police kill more innocent teenagers then ‘Members of teenager Murder gangs” in large cities.

Now I actually own a Airsoft ak-47 and I own 3 other 3 real AKs.  So I know the difference.  But the story in California just streams the the Cop is a tremendous coward who got off on legally killing a 13 year old boy. The boy is facing away from the cop, when the cop screams at him to drop the weapon.  Isn’t every 13 year teenager going to turn towards the person screaming at him. This kid did and the cowardly, piece of trash police officer, killed him. Now I have no issue with the police. I have major issues with this Killer Cop. He should be fired, charged with murder and raped repeated by every inmate in the California jail system. That is what I would call justice.

Yet meanwhile, teenage murder gangs run free in big cities around the country. And they never seemed to be attacked or fought by police. Where are the police, they are all out shooting innocent teenagers. Much less risk for them in those cases.