Gun Owners in CT line up to be put on list will lead to their death and loss of guns


Sheep lining up for the future slaugher

The State of CT is now registering guns.  The people in the above photo are lining up to register their guns voluntarily.  These people are cowards and are not worthy of the right to own guns.

Today it’s registration. How long before CT decides that all the guns needed to be taken away from these people, for the safety of the children?


These are the Nazi Storm Troopers of Today

What will Happen Next!

SWAT/Homeland Security/Armed police will raid these peoples homes.  And if course in the process if the people who’s homes are being raided don’t cower fast enough, these SWAT teams will kill everyone at the homes accidentally. The Anti-gun crowd always cries “No one wants your Guns” and they lie. Gun Confiscation is their goal. Guns are already being confiscated in New York and California.  Connecticut will be next.

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.   Ben Franklin

USATODAY says mass killings are actually down this year


This is important, because it is a main stream media source, many of the usually liberal news sources would have never published the results of this study


A new report that takes a look at mass killings in the United States indicates that, despite the common perception, there has not been a rise in mass killings.

Data compiled by USA Today notes that 2013 saw 137 deaths from mass killings, slightly below the yearly average of 147.

The term “mass killing” is defined as the murder of four or more people, not including the murderer.

And the report says that while public massacres dominate the headlines, they only amount to 17 percent of mass killings.

Dan Romer, associate director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, wonders what effect the saturation news coverage has on subsequent incidents.

“There’s clearly some effect of the coverage,” he tells KYW Newsradio.  “What we don’t know is whether it actually encourages young people who are suicidal to go out and do the same thing.”

The report finds that the vast majority of mass killings are family related — usually a husband, a father, or son.

New Town Mother states “Background Checks” would not have Prevented the school shooting.



This mother of a victim of the NewTown shooting stated this week while on MSNBC that “Background Checks” would not have prevented the New Town Shooting. Nicole Hockley, whose child was tragically murdered at Sandy Hook last year, said that background checks would not have prevented shooter Adam Lanza from getting the guns he used to carry out the atrocities. She also stated that the 911 tapes from that day should not be released.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on Tuesday, Hockley and Mitchell both conceded that background checks would not have prevented Lanza’s mother from purchasing the guns Lanza eventually used at Sandy Hook. Hockley said Lanza’s mother should have been more responsible with her guns and noted that Lanza’s mental illness made the situation a “perfect storm” for the tragedy.
Hockley, who lobbied for more gun control legislation after the Sandy Hook tragedy, said it was “disappointing” that Congress could not pass gun control legislation that called for more background checks and said gun control advocates are now committed “to make further changes happen” by “changing the hearts and minds” of those in their communities. She said legislation is not the only answer to making “further changes” happen regarding gun control.

I am sorry that Nicole Hockley lost her child. This would have never happened if Nancy Lanza wasn’t a complete failure at being a mother.  I also applaud her for taking reality into consideration. Many of the other New Town family members have let the anti-gun crowd take advantage of them and have been used as pawns in Obama’s war on gun-owners.

Nancy Lanza was responsible for the NewTown Shootings

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 5.42.49 PM


I read an article in the press today asking “Should Adam Lanza’s mother shoulder some blame?” and I have to say, yes. She is in fact responsible for all the deaths in the NewTown Shooting.

I am a parent of a child who shares some characteristics with Adam Lanza. Except for the homicidal side. So I have some experience here. Let look at some of the warning signs:

  • Adam Lanza’s fascination with violence was apparent to teachers and other acquaintances, investigators.
  • He collected materials on mass killings and kept a spreadsheet ranking of mass murders.
  • Nancy Lanza wasn’t allowed to enter his bedroom, it is unclear how much she knew about his obsession.
  • He had evaluations of many types over the years, he was home-schooled for a period because he did not like the noise at Newtown High School.
  • He refused medications and behavior therapies that were suggested for him.
  • Nancy Lanza catered to his requests, cooking to his specifications and getting rid of a cat because he did not want it in the house.
  • Adam Lanza hadn’t left the house in three months before the shooting
  • Nancy and Adam would communicate only by email, even though they lived under the same roof.
  • In spite of all the warning signs above, She often took her son shooting at a gun range.
  • She also legally purchased all the weapons her son carried the day of the massacre, and she had written a check to buy him a pistol for Christmas, a holiday that Adam himself did not believe in celebrating.


Nancy Lanza wasn’t allowed to enter his bedroom, it is unclear how much she knew about his obsession. This is clearly untrue, it seems to me that the only thing Adam was interested in was guns. So she took him shooting and was willing to pay for guns, because it was the only way she could reach him. She knew about his obsession with guns, and she fed it trying to reach him. He was a little punk kid, just how was he preventing her from going into his room?

They say that Adam refused to take his medication. Well, then his doctor’s and his mother should have made him take his meds or they should have committed him to a mental facility. They say that she was thinking of putting him in a hospital someplace and he did not want to go. Well, She should have just not told him and had him committed.

They say his mother,catered to his requests, cooking to his specifications and getting rid of a cat because he did not want it in the house. Hey you do not coddle or reward bad behavior.  If you don’t behave, you can make your own dinner.  Shape up or I am buying 100 cats.

Adam Lanza was a little pipsqueak who was certainly not threatening without a gun. His mother allowed him to walk all over her.

The Lanza’s lived in CT and then NJ both states with strong gun control. Nancy Lanza passed background checks to buy the guns that were used in the shooting, Background checks can’t be an issue in this case.   Given all that we know about the case, we must blame Nancy Lanza for not getting her son mental health services when he needed them. Instead, she bought him guns. If Nancy had lived, she should have been tried as an accessory for murder.  She let son, Adam, literally get away with the murder of all those little kids. The liberal press calls her a victim.  No she is the cause. You want to prevent this from happening again, fix the mental health system. There are no gun laws that will prevent another Adam Lanza, from shooting innocents again.  But changes in the mental health system, will save lives.