CDC Study Says Mass Shootings are rare and Guns are used Defensively as often as Offensively


So the anti-gun crowd has been saying for years that the laws keeping the CDC from doing research on gun violence were unconscionable, because the CDC studies would make up the anti gunners claims about gun violence.  So here is the first study after Obama’s executive order freeing the CDC to conduct studies on gun violence. And the report completely confirms everything that the pro-gun lobby has been saying for years.  See below:

“A month after the Sandy Hook tragedy, President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders to combat violence, including a landmark study examining the causes of gun deaths in America.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded the task to the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, two groups that finished the project in a matter of months.

The study found that mass shootings in America are still relatively rare. In the past 30 years, there have been 78 shootings when a gunman killed more than four people. A final copy of the report also noted that the use of guns in self defense happens just as frequently as the criminal use of firearms.

Read the entire report here:

The study concludes that no decisive data exist on the effectiveness of programs intended to reduce mass shootings.

Although communities, schools, and campuses have developed myriad safety plans, there is very little information available about their effectiveness,” the study notes.”

New Town Mother states “Background Checks” would not have Prevented the school shooting.



This mother of a victim of the NewTown shooting stated this week while on MSNBC that “Background Checks” would not have prevented the New Town Shooting. Nicole Hockley, whose child was tragically murdered at Sandy Hook last year, said that background checks would not have prevented shooter Adam Lanza from getting the guns he used to carry out the atrocities. She also stated that the 911 tapes from that day should not be released.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on Tuesday, Hockley and Mitchell both conceded that background checks would not have prevented Lanza’s mother from purchasing the guns Lanza eventually used at Sandy Hook. Hockley said Lanza’s mother should have been more responsible with her guns and noted that Lanza’s mental illness made the situation a “perfect storm” for the tragedy.
Hockley, who lobbied for more gun control legislation after the Sandy Hook tragedy, said it was “disappointing” that Congress could not pass gun control legislation that called for more background checks and said gun control advocates are now committed “to make further changes happen” by “changing the hearts and minds” of those in their communities. She said legislation is not the only answer to making “further changes” happen regarding gun control.

I am sorry that Nicole Hockley lost her child. This would have never happened if Nancy Lanza wasn’t a complete failure at being a mother.  I also applaud her for taking reality into consideration. Many of the other New Town family members have let the anti-gun crowd take advantage of them and have been used as pawns in Obama’s war on gun-owners.