When a Good Gun Range turns into to a Bad Gun Range


Update: After I posted this post, I got several public and private emails which suggest that the range makes money on recycling the brass, and they make nothing on steel cased ammo.  And the range is probably lying to me, so I will use brass cased ammo.  I would hate to think that is the reason, but nothing else makes sense.

Original Post:

I go to a range in Manchester NH every now and then. It’s is called Manchester Firing line.  They have two ranges, a member range and a public range. I have shot on both ranges. Non member pricing is $16 an hour per person when you bring your own guns and ammo. Member pricing is $9 an hour and you can make reservations.  I go with a friend of mine who’s a member.

They have state of the art equipment.  They have a large collection of regular guns and machine guns that you can rent.  Up to last week, they were one of my favorite places to shoot.

Range Nazi
I was going to write a real positive review of their business and was going to shoot there, so I could get some pictures. When we went into the range recently, the guy that polices the ranges comes over and asks to see our rifle bullets.  Because of the recent ammo shortages, I have been mostly only able to get cheap Russian import ammo under different brand names like Brown Bear, Wolf, and Golden Tiger.  I have thousands of rounds of these brands for shooting rifles.


The guy that polices the range has a magnet. He tests all 3 of the brands I brought with me declares that It can’t be used at this range.  I have been using this ammo for years at this same range and other ranges.  It is not the good stuff. It is cheap, steel cases ammo. Full Metal Jacket. Not Armour piercing.

Yet , the ammo they let us shoot was High end Brass real Military surplus rounds that I am sure do much more damage then the cheap russian steel case.  The guy next to me was firing several Mosin Nagant Rifles with 7.62 X 54R which I am sure does damage to their range.

The Range guy said “5.45 x 39 Golden Tiger ammo is declared as very high velocity and will do damage to our range.” Yet if I had a brass cased 5.45 x 39 that would be OK. They have the same muzzle velocity.  I also have Golden Tiger .223 which again is really the same damn stuff, according to the Owner of Golden Tiger (He’s a friend of mine).  How about wolf .223 “No”. Brown Bear “No”.  The range guy says ” it is Military Surplus ammo and very high speed.”  No it’s not milsurp, it is brand new ammo. In fact it is really crappy bottom of the barrel target ammo.

It makes no sense. We spoke to several other people there and It was like they we reciting from the same index card about their policies.    These guys have always been real nice in the past. They have a huge display of machine guns (not for rental on their walls) Literally almost every type of machine gun ever, including a GE Mini-Gun is on display.  They also own a big gun store in the next city over. I have bought a AK and several other guns there, including some of the Ammo that they will not me shoot that their range.  So I don’t know why they have suddenly gone “Full Retard”.  I will miss shooting there.  I am going to have a to gun club that has a indoor range, so I can shoot in the winter.